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How to Tie Dye With Ice | Ice Tie Dye Method

The Ice Tie Dye Method is one of the easiest ways to tie dye shirts with kids. It isn’t as messy, and it makes pretty watercolor type shirts. Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can use the Ice Tie Dye technique on your next tie dye project this summer!

Ice Tie Dye Shirts

How to Tie Dye With Ice

First, I recommend washing your shirts before you tie dye with ice. I’ve found that the dye soaks in better and you’re left with less white space. Whenever I get lazy, and don’t do it, I regret it.


White shirts

Tie Dye Bottles With Powder

Rubber bands (if you want to use swirl design)


A rack to place your shirts

Powder Tie Dye


First, place a rack over a large basin or pan. I just placed a cookie rack in my sink.

Next, choose which design you want for your t-shirt.

If you want a swirl design, lay the t-shirt flat, pinch the fabric in the center, and begin twisting the fabric in a circular motion and continue until all of the fabric is in a spiral shape.

Secure the spiral with rubber bands into wedges. I either do 6 or 8 wedges.

Step by Step Ice Tie Dye Instructions

Lay ice on top of the shirt. I find that smaller ice chunks work better so I throw them in a blender for a second.

Then use the powder and squeeze it over the ice. Do NOT add water to your dye bottles. There’s no need to touch it, just add powder on top of ice.

Ice Tie Dye Method

As the ice melts, it’ll dye the shirt.

How to Tie Dye with Ice

You can also use the crumple method where you just crumple the shirt. There’s more surface area, so I can use larger chunks of ice with this ice tie dye technique.

Ice Tie Dye Technique


If you want lighter, more pastel colors, let the ice melt and leave on for about 4 to 6 hours. If you want darker, deeper colors, then leave on longer or overnight.

Then wash the shirts!

Watercolor Ice Tie Dye

Ice Tie Dying is a fun and easy way to tie dye shirts, especially with kids. However, there are many ways to get the tie dye look you want. 

Tie Dye Ice Technique

You can even check out these Avengers Tie Dye Shirts for a superhero look.

Have fun!

Tie Dying With Ice

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