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Assemble for DIY Avengers Tie Dye Shirts

Avengers assemble to tie dye! We have been on a tie dye frenzy over here with our spare time. Our latest project – DIY Avengers Tie Dye Shirts. Choose your favorite Avenger, tie dye pattern, and get to work on a fun color scheme to show your Marvel love. 

DIY Avengers Tie Dye Shirts

DIY Avengers Tie Dye Shirts

Who’s your favorite Avenger? After watching this complete list of Marvel movies in order, I think some allegiances changed in our house, while others stayed the same. 

Some of these Avengers shirts turned out pretty good while others were a little sketchy, but we learned some tricks along the way. 

Here’s who we attempted to make:

Captain Marvel: Crumple Pattern

Hulk: Swirl Pattern

Captain America: Bullseye Pattern

Hawkeye: Bullseye Pattern

Infinity Stones: Swirl Pattern




Rubber Bands


Something to Cover Your Work Area

How to Make Marvel Tie Dye

You can choose whatever pattern you like as well as the different colors. Find more detailed information on how to tie dye shirts with kids plus the 3 patterns we used here.

First, start with your dye. We bought a Tulip kit that already included different colors, rubber bands, gloves, and even a plastic covering. We also used the Create Basics brand from Walmart which also worked fine.

We used white shirts, and I recommend washing them first. We noticed a difference in them being able to soak in the dye after being washed. We had to re-do a couple shirts, because there was too much white from the dye sliding off instead of going in the folds.

Add water to your dye bottle, wear gloves, and get to work!

Captain Marvel and the Infinity Stones

Captain Marvel on the left wanted to use a crumple pattern which is the easiest pattern. All you do is crumple the shirt and add dye. However, her red, blue, and yellow colors started to run together which turned spots into purple and green. We said the green was a throwback to her Kree uniform, and plus it looked space-like.

Infinity Stones Tie Dye Shirt

For the Infinity Stones, my daughter used a swirl pattern and divided the shirt into 6 sections for each Infinity Stone Color.

Infinity Stones DIY Tie Dye

Make sure that the dye is going in between the folds or you’ll get a ton of white space. We had to go back and add more dye once we washed it, because we missed a lot of spots.

Hulk Tie Dye

Who doesn’t love some Bruce Banner? My daughter used a swirl pattern, too, for this Hulk design with purple and green. Hulk DIY Tie Dye

We experimented with this design, because like the other one, we left too much white space. So the second time we added more dye (once you’ve mixed it, use dye within 72 hours), we left it on for less time, thus seeing the different shades of purple and green.

The brighter green dye was left on overnight. The lighter green was left on for about 6 hours. Hulk Smash!

Hawkeye Shirt

My daughter wanted Hawkeye, so we used purple and black dye in a Swirl Pattern. The same issue happened with the Hulk shirt, so when we added more dye the second time, we left it on for less time, and the dye turned more gray than black. So if you want to do a Thor shirt, keep that in mind.

Avengers Hawkeye Tie Dye Shirt

Captain America

We went with a Bullseye pattern for this one. You just tie your shirt in 3 sections and add a different color to the section. Or you can mix colors, too!

Captain America also works for a Patriotic Tie Dye Shirt for 4th of July! Psh, who needs Old Navy? you can make your own 4th of July family shirts. It also looks like a Rocket Pop.

Patriotic Tie Dye Shirt

Team Cap all the way!!

DIY Captain America Tie Dye Shirt

The Finishing Steps

Once you’ve applied your dye, cover it with plastic wrap or place in a Ziploc bag for 6-8 hours. For bolder colors, I recommend leaving them overnight.

Then take off the rubber bands and rinse off until the water runs clear.

How to Wash Marvel Tie Dye

Wash your shirts in the washing machine, dry, and prepare to save the world in your Avengers tie dye!

For more superhero fun, check out these Avengers party ideas.

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