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20 Emotional Defending Jacob Quotes On Apple TV+

Defending Jacob is a suspenseful miniseries on Apple TV+. This dramatic crime thriller can be intense and heavy. Here are 20 emotional quotes from Defending Jacob that are both chilling and gut-wrenching.

Best quotes from Defending Jacob

Most Emotional Quotes from Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob follows the Barber family, whose lives are disrupted and put to the test, when the teenage son, Jacob, is accused of murdering a classmate. There are twists, turns, and surprises. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, you don’t.

The miniseries is a little dark, so Defending Jacob is not kid friendly for all teens. These are some pretty deep Defending Jacob quotes, but I threw in a couple jokes, too, to lighten the mood.

I’m here, because I believe in the system. I just want the truth to come out. -Andy Barber

You might be a little more excited. -Laurie Barber
I am. -Jacob
Well tell your face. -Laurie
You love that line. -Jacob

Let me guess, Rasputen here offered to take over. -Andy
Appearances matter. -Lynn Canavan
Yeah, to voters. -Andy

She’s over there mothering the mothers. -Toby

What is this, Perry Mason? -Andy

That’s it? I knew my son? -Neal
I knew my son. -Andy

Emotional Defending Jacob Quotes

If this is what you think an actual friendship is, it’s you I feel sorry for. -Paula Duffy

I did what any parent would have done. – Andy

Our memories are often less reliable than we think, particularly in moments of stress. -Joanna

We’re just going to attack their case until there’s nothing left to attack. -Joanna

You guys hear about the hipster who burned his mouth on his pizza? He ate it before it was considered cool. -Andy

Lawyers have boundaries. I don’t. Not anymore. My only job now is trying to protect our son. Whatever it takes. – Andy

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Nothing. -Andy

Believe me if I could take your place I would. In a minute. -Andy
I know it’s hard, but why don’t you leave the worrying to me. -Andy

It’s just a joke, I can delete it. -Jacob
That doesn’t mean it goes away. -Andy

It’s like sailing towards an iceberg, little white peak in the distance getting closer and closer, but really it’s been underneath us the whole time. -Jacob
I thought you were anti-metaphor. -Andy

Don’t explain it away like you do everything, excuse it away. -Laurie

If we protect him, we’re as guilty as he is. -Laurie

You can be a good man or you can be a good father. Me? I’m neither. I know that. But you get to choose. -Billy Barber

Have you just been secretly honing your Othello skills? -Jacob
It’s all about taking the corners. You taught me that. -Andy

I just want our family back. -Laurie

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