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Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue: How to Get a Group at 7 AM

How do you get a Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group at Hollywood Studios?

ETA: There is no longer a virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can enter the standby line or purchase Lightning Lane. These tips, however, will help you with the new virtual queue at Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in Epcot.

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Stormtroopers

How to Get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

I’m not gonna lie; it’s kind of nerve-wracking to get a boarding group. And it’s sometimes confusing, especially for people who don’t visit Disney often. 

Is it worth all this to get on Rise of the Resistance? YES! 

I have gotten shut out many times from the boarding group process until I finally got it down. While there are many tips you should follow to get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group. I’ll share the best tip that has gotten me one every time. 

Here are some tips to get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Have all of Your Tickets and Friends and Family Sorted Out

Make sure your Disney’s Hollywood Studios tickets are activated and ready to go. You must also have a park reservation for Hollywood Studios that day.

If you’re a frequent Walt Disney World traveler like me, then you probably have tons of people listed as Friends & Family. Try to clean that list out if you’re traveling with a group, especially if someone is traveling at the same time, but aren’t in your party. 

The more Friends & Family listed in your account, the more names you’ll have to go through when it comes time to choose your party. You don’t want to waste those precious seconds.

Disney’s system is better now, so it should automatically separate people in your Friends Group out who have a reservation for the say you’re going.

Tips to Join the Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue at 7 a.m.

Starting at 7 a.m. on the day of your reservation, you can access the virtual queue for a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group from anywhere, even your bed! 

Just make sure you go to the homepage of your My Disney Experience App and click join a few seconds before 7 a.m.! Being quick is imperative. Some say go off the wifi, some say stay on. I’ve had luck both ways. You literally have less than 10 seconds before the queue fills up. I’m not kidding.

You can also go to the homepage of My Disney Experience to Virtual Queues. 

My Disney Experience App homepage Rise of the Resistance

Click that and then click Join Virtual Queue. 

It will then bring you to this screen (except it will say next queue opens at 7 a.m. if you’re going for the early morning one.)

Best Tip for Rise of the Resistance

I watch and when the clock says 6:59:57, I refresh on the screen above. If you want to get super speedy, at about 6:59:55, pull the screen down like you’re going to refresh and then release it at 6:59:57 if that’s how your phone refreshes. I have an iPhone.

Once you hit join, you’ll be taken to your party. Then just hit join. Don’t worry about looking over your list, just keep going. 


Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group notification

If you get a boarding group, you’ll see a Boarding Group number on the next screen – congrats!!

You’ll also see your group under “My Queues” in the same section where you tried to join the virtual queue. 

Once I started doing the and refresh hold, I haven’t been shut out yet!

As long as one person in your party has secured a boarding group, guest services is willing to work with you at the park. Then you can sort any issues with members of your party if you have any.

Make Sure to Turn on Notifications

You’ll want to have notifications on for the app, so that you know when your Boarding Group number is being called. You can also check what boarding group is now boarding through the app.

When your boarding group is ready, you should receive a notification through the app. Then head to Rise of the Resistance! But just in case it doesn’t, still check periodically, so you don’t miss your call. 

rise of the Resistance Boarding Group sign

A Second Chance to Board Rise of the Resistance

Let’s say you don’t get in during the 7 a.m. queue or you slept in. You’ve got another chance. 

At 1 p.m. you can try to enter the queue again, but you have to be inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios to do it. I’ve actually had friends have success this way, too! Note: This is a change from the 2 p.m. time that it used to be for a second chance.

You’ll join the queue the same way as the 7 a.m. time, but this time be right on at 1 p.m. Find a place where you can concentrate on fast hands in the park. 

Rise of the Resistance Backup Group

If you do secure a 1:00 boarding group (and chances are still good), just be prepared for a late afternoon or evening boarding group time.

Tips for Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue

What if I Miss My Boarding Group Time?

I’ve had instances where I’ve been on another ride or had a dining reservation and the Cast Members are usually very understanding if you have missed your window for some reason. As long as you had a Boarding Group secured, you should be good to go. 

Why I love the Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue

Listen, I’ve been shut out before, and it stinks. But I do like the Virtual Queue, because it gives everyone a chance. Also, not having to do the crazy run to a ride (like Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway) causes me less stress.

This is also stressful, don’t get me wrong, but if you follow the tips above you have a really great chance of getting on the ride!

If you do like spoilers, check out my friend Tessa’s Rise of the Resistance pictures from inside the ride. They’re so cool!! It’s hard to believe that it’s a ride. My friend, Amiyrah, gives her opinion on if Rise of the Resistance is for kids.

Also, if you need to kill some time waiting for your Boarding Group, check out the best and worst food in Galaxy’s Edge

Between Oga’s Cantina, Smugglers Run, special photo ops, building a droid, restaurants and shops, you could spend hours alone in Galaxy’s Edge. 

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Questions

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