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Underrated Disney World Experiences (That Won’t Cost Extra!)

Although there’s plenty of hype for Disney parks on Instagram and Youtube, there are also underrated Disney World experiences. Some of these just still haven’t caught on. Either they are under-appreciated, or they just don’t get the attention that certain other aspects of Walt Disney World get. Whatever the reason, you can seriously upgrade your trip to Walt Disney World Resort without paying any additional cost.

Underrated Disney World Experiences and Attractions

Sometimes when you visit Walt Disney World, you just want to ride all the headliners. I get it, those are the fun rides everybody talks about. However, sometimes these free and fun experiences and activities that nobody seems to talk about (or sometimes even know about).

Tri Circle D Ranch

Tri Circle D Ranch is one of those underrated Disney World experiences you might even call a hidden Gem. Disney advertises the ranch and they even include it in some of their promotional materials, but people still aren’t aware it even exists. The ranch is located at The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, and it’s more than just a place to see Cinderella’s ponies and the horses of Main Street USA. The horse-drawn Dragon Calliope from the Mickey Mouse Club processions in the 1950s also resides there.

The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are even beautiful grounds to walk around and during the holidays many of the RV sites go to town decorating with lights, inflatables, and more! It’s so festive. 

At Tri Circle D Ranch, there are also activities that do have an additional cost, like horseback riding and pony rides and a variety of other activities are also available to book through Tri-Circle D Ranch or where otherwise noted on the Walt Disney World website. You can even take a Holiday Sleigh Ride during the holiday season!

Walt Disney Presents and The PeopleMover

This is something you can do while you are inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom when lines are crazy long. Walt Disney Presents is sometimes a preview center for future Disney films, but the default show is One Man’s Dream, a 15 minute presentation about Walt Disney’s proof positive approach to making dreams come true. The best part, however, is the museum of artifacts along the multimedia journey through Walt’s life that leads up to the show. And air conditioning is a bonus, especially when you have toddlers at Disney World.

One Man's Dream Hollywood Studios

At the Magic Kingdom, you get another special glimpse at Walt Disney’s final dream. The one that unfortunately never became a reality. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is a clue as to the future Walt Disney had planned and inside the attraction is a segment of the model of E.P.C.O.T. No, not the park: the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Take a relaxing ride with beautiful views of Magic Kingdom from above. You even ride through some of the attractions like Space Mountain. 

The Disney World Waterways

The waterways of Walt Disney World are so essential to the resort and yet such underrated Disney World experiences. Sometimes you rely on them for travel, but there’s scenic beauty to each and every one of them. Long after the novelty of Disney’s Skyliner has worn off, the boats that take guests from Crescent Lake to Disney’s Hollywood Studios will still be a fan favorite. Bay Lake, Seven Seas Lagoon and especially Disney Springs and the Sassagoula River all offer more to look at and enhance the experiences you have while park or resort hopping any day you are in Walt Disney World.

Animal Kingdom Theme Park Trails

Lots of underrated Disney World experiences are things you can do in the parks, but many people often don’t. Animal Kingdom Theme Park is an unusual park with lots of hidden areas to explore within its vast 500 acres of land. While everybody else is zipping from Mount Everest to the floating Hallelujah Mountains of Pandora (or from Reinhold Messner to the Meissner Effect), there are intricate pathways and trails that uncover mysteries at every turn. 

Did you know about the pathways behind the Tree of Life? Enter on the right side and you can get some cool pictures from different angles of the Tree of Life instead of just straight on. You’ll catch even more details and see some waterfalls!

Tree of Life Underrated Disney World Experience

EPCOT Galleries

There are several art galleries in EPCOT’s World Showcase pavilions that guests may not know about.  Norway has an exhibit inside the Stave Church that is all about Norse mythology. The China Pavilion has an exhibit dedicated to Shanghai Disneyland, a bit of a shameless plug, but still entertaining. Japan offers a look at the country’s culture, Kawaii. Morocco has a cultural exhibit surrounding desert living from Moroccan traditions to modern-day off-road races. Some of these places are behind closed doors so most guests don’t even think to open them and walk right in!

Enjoy these free underrated Disney World experiences the next time you visit the Walt Disney World Resort! And if you’re looking for more money-saving tips, try buying souvenirs from the Character Warehouse Disney Outlets!