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REVIEW: 2021 Figment’s Brush With the Masters Scavenger Hunt

The 2021 Epcot International Festival of the Arts is now going on from January 8 – February 22, 2021. Figment’s Brush With the Masters is a paid scavenger hunt where you purchase a map and then try to locate paintings around World Showcase containing Figment. Once completed, you can choose between different prizes. Is Figment’s Brush with the Masters worth it? Here’s all you need to know including price and where you can find Figment in all of the country pavilions. 

2021 Epcot International Festival of the Arts

2021 Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt Details

You can purchase your Figment’s Brush with the Masters Map at participating locations in EPCOT, including Disney Traders and World Traveler for $7.99. You can use your Annual Passholder or DVC discounts on the maps.

Figment's Brush with the Masters Map locations

When purchasing my map, they asked if I wanted the prize now or I could come back when I completed the hunt. I opted to choose now, just in case lines were longer later. They’ll stamp your map, so you can’t collect another prize later. If you want all the prizes, you can purchase more than one map.

2021 Figment Brush with the Masters Map

There are 5 different cute paper crafts to choose from: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, Figment, or a colorful Spaceship Earth. I chose Figment, but that Spaceship Earth was also calling to me. I may go back for another.

Figment Scavenger Hunt Prizes 2021

How to Play Figment’s Brush with the Masters 2021

Ok, so you’ve purchased your Figment map, now what? On the back of your map are stickers of famous paintings. You go around to each country pavilion in World Showcase and try to find one of the paintings with Figment in it. Once you find the painting, then place the sticker on the corresponding country. 

Figment Map Stickers 2021 Festival of the Arts


Some of the paintings are a little trickier than others to find, because they can be outside hanging on walls or inside shops or windows. I’ll list a cheat sheet with all the locations at the bottom of the post, just in case you need some help. 

Figment in Paintings Festival of the Arts

It took me a good hour and a half to complete the scavenger hunt while searching and walking around Epcot. I did stop in KaramellKüche for a snack though. That caramel popcorn smell is hard to resist. 

Is Figment’s Brush with the Masters Worth the Price?

For $7 or $8, I think Figment’s Brush with the Masters is well worth the price and fun for the family! I wouldn’t recommend it for you’re short on time. However, with Kidcot stations not operating like they usually do, because of Covid, this is a wonderful alternative, especially if parents want to stop in and eat at the Taste of Epcot Festival of the Arts Booths

While one parent waits in line for food, another can take kids to find Figment. Or if you’re solo, it’s still a fun game for adults and kids to play together. I’m telling you some has me stumped and some Cast Members will tell you if you ask and some will only give clues. 

Where Can You Find All the Figments for Figment’s Brush with the Masters?

If you don’t want to know where to find all the Figments for the scavenger hunt at Festival of the Arts, then stop reading. However, if you need a little nudge, because you’re short on time, or your child is feeling frustrated, I’ll help you out. 

I’ll also post a completed 2021 Figment’s Brush with the Masters map at the end.

Mexico – inside the pyramid. I did not find this one, because the line to go inside was 30 minutes. Figment Scavenger Hunt Tip: Try to find this one first or earlier in the day, because the line does get long to go inside.

Norway – Inside the gift shop next to Frozen Ever After in the corner across from the giant troll.

China – Walk past Lotus Blossom Cafe and down that walkway, then look to the right. It’s hanging outside.

Where to find Figment in China Pavilion Epcot

Germany – Inside Stein Haus by the register

Italy – By the makeshift Kidcot station outside. When you walk into Italy on the right, before you get to Via Napoli.

Mona Figment Italy

America – Hanging by the entrance of The American Adventure to the left.

Japan – On the other of the side of the stairs leading to Teppan Edo hanging on a wall. 

Figment in Japan

Morocco – In the marketplace, next to Tangier Traders

Figment in Morocco Epcot Scavenger Hunt

France – In the gift shop, next to the register where Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie is located.

United Kingdom – In a window next to the courtyard

United Kingdom Figment

Canada – Next to the Kidcot Station 

Here is where all the stickers belong. Have fun! 

Completed 2021 Figment Scavenger Hunt Map

Figment Scavenger Hunt 2021



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