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2022 Spike the Bee Scavenger Hunt in Epcot: Pollen-Nation Exploration Details

The 2022 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is going on from March 2-July 4, 2022. Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration Scavenger Hunt is a paid scavenger hunt where you purchase a map and then try to locate Spike the Bee around World Showcase. He’s usually hiding amongst different flowers. Once completed, you can choose between different prizes. Is Spike the Bee’s Scavenger Hunt Worth It? Here’s all you need to know including price and where you can find Spike the Bee in the scavenger hunt. 

2022 Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration Scavenger Hunt – All You Need to Know

Like Figment’s Brush With the Masters Scavenger Hunt and the Epcot Easter Eggstravaganza Scavenger Hunt, first you purchase a map from participating Epcot locations like Creations, Gateway Gifts, Port of Entry, Disney Traders, and some of the festival merchandise booths around the World Showcase. 

Then you look for Spike the Bee amongst the flowers and garden in Epcot! The idea is that Spike is pollinating plants while gathering pollen and nectar. 

Once you find him in each garden on your map, add the corresponding sticker of the plant he is visiting to your map. 

Spike the Bee Scavenger Hunt in Epcot Map

How Much is Spike the Bee’s Scavenger Hunt Map?

The 2022 map for Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration Scavenger Hunt is $9.99. However, you can use Cast Member, Annual Passholder and DVC Discounts on them. 

2022 Spike's Pollen-Nation Exploration Map Epcot

2022 Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration Scavenger Hunt Prizes

The 2022 Spike’s Pollen-Nation Scavenger Hunt Prizes are the choice of 1 of 4 different plastic containers with Figment, Spike the Bee, Farmer Mickey, or Orange Bird. Sometimes prizes run out and you have until July 5, 2022 to claim your prize while supplies last. 

TIP: You don’t have to complete the map to claim your prize. You can pick your prize when you purchase the map, so it alleviates the pressure of having to complete the entire scavenger hunt in one day. 

2022 Spike the Bee Scavenger Hunt Prizes

I chose the Orange Bird prize, because I’m obsessed, but they’re all cute!

Orange Bird Prize for Spike Scavenger Hunt in Epcot

Where Can You Find the 2022 Spike the Bees in Epcot?

Honestly, out of all the scavenger hunts that Epcot has every year, Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration is the hardest for me. Spike is kind of small and he’s always amongst flowers, so sometimes my eyes will miss them. And sometimes they move around a bit. If you want a little help on where to locate some of the Spike the Bees in Epcot, then keep reading. 

If not, enjoy the scavenger hunt!

  • The Daisy is in the Donald and Daisy Topiaries on the main walkway to the World Showcase down the middle.

2022 Spike the Bee Scavenger Hunt Locations

  • The Orchid is in the Tropical Rainforest Garden on the ramp leading up to the pyramid in the Mexico Pavilion.
  • The Camellia is in the English Tea Garden in the UK Pavilion across from the Fish ‘n Chips. 

Where to find Spike the Bee in Epcot Scavenger Hunt

  • The Canna is by the Honey Bee-Stro Booth. Spike is hidden kind of across from the restrooms. 
  • Salvia is by Bambi’s Butterfly house. You’ll find Spike behind the Flower the skunk topiary.
  • Rose is in the French Gardens in the France Pavilion. Spike is to the left of the Remy topiary.