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EPCOT Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt Details and Answers

The Eggstravaganza Easter Egg scavenger hunt at EPCOT is fun for kids and adults. It’s a cute Easter activity at Walt Disney World during the EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival. While the EPCOT Easter egg hunt does have an additional cost, it also comes with a prize. Here’s all you need to know about the EPCOT Easter Eggstravaganza scavenger hunt including where to find all the eggs!

Epcot Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt 2023 Map

EPCOT Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Hunt 

What is the EPCOT Eggstravaganza Hunt? It’s a paid scavenger hunt where you walk around World Showcase to find 12 painted Disney Easter eggs – some eggs are hidden high and some are hidden low.

Guests can purchase the EPCOT Eggstravaganza egg hunt maps and stickers beginning March 13, 2023 through April 9, 2023. The 2023 EPCOT Eggstravaganza egg hunt theme is Disney rabbits. The prizes are a lot cuter than last year’s, in my opinion. Plus some of these rabbits are not as well know, so it’s fun to guess what Disney movie or show they’re from.

EPCOT Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt Stickers

When you find each Disney character egg, place the sticker onto the map in the country pavilion that corresponds where you found it.

To play the 2023 Epcot Egg Hunt, purchase an Eggstravaganza egg hunt map, find all the eggs around World Showcase, and collect your prize.

Epcot Easter Egg Hunt Tip: You don’t have to complete the Easter egg hunt to get your prize. You can collect it when you purchase your map. They’ll stamp your map, so they know you’ve collected your prize.

Another fun Scavenger Hunt in Epcot during Flower & Garden Festival is Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration Scavenger Hunt.

2023 Epcot Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza

How Much is the Epcot Easter Egg Hunt?

You can purchase the Epcot Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Map for $9.99 at various locations in Epcot including Creations, Disney Traders, the Odyssey Building, World Traveler at International Getaway, and Festival Markets throughout the World Showcase.

What is the Epcot Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Hunt 2023 prize?

The 2023 EPCOT Easter Egg Hunt Prize is your choice of 6 plastic Disney Character Easter eggs. The Disney characters include Dopey, Genie, Robin Hood, Cheshire Cat, Marie, and Patch the Dalmatian. 

2023 Epcot Easter Egg Hunt Prizes

They’re cute, but thick plastic. I thought they were wooden eggs at first. You can open them and fill them with candy like regular plastic Easter eggs. 

EPCOT Eggstravaganza 2023 Prizes

You can collect your Eggstravaganza prize at Creations, Disney Traders, or World Traveler.

 I love that there are some more rare characters like Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Egg Prize for EPCOT Easter Egg Hunt

They also have more EPCOT Eggstravaganza eggs you can buy at Creations with a Lion King theme and Zootopia theme. They cost $14.99 for a package of 3 plastic eggs.

EPCOT Eggstravaganza eggs to buy

Zooptopia Eggstravaganza Eggs Epcot

Where Can You Find All the Epcot Eggstravaganza Easter Eggs?

If you want some spoilers, then keep reading for all the answers to the 2023 Epcot Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt.  We’ll give you hints on where to find all the Easter eggs in the EPCOT Eggstravaganza.

If not, Hoppy Easter and enjoy the hunt and these funny spring memes!

Canada: Look for the March Hare as you walk down the path to the Kidcot station, and you’ll see him across the water.

Where to find easter eggs in Epcot

United Kingdom: Find the White Rabbit Easter egg from Alice in Wonderland in the United Kingdom Pavilion down low in the Heritage Garden with the topiaries behind the stores. It’s next to the elephant topiary.

White Rabbit Easter Egg in Epcot

France: Find the Miss Bunny egg in some flowers down low in the France Pavilion on the walkway up to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

EPCOT Egg Hunt France location

Morocco: Look for the Thumper Easter egg up high across from the Morocco Pavilion next to the Art of Henna.

Thumper Egg Epcot Eggstravaganza Answers

Japan: Find the Judy Hopps egg across from the entrance of the Japan pavilion amongst some shrubs and grass next to the lagoon. 

Where to find Judy Hopps Egg EPCOT

The American Adventure: You can find the Ducky and Bunny egg from Toy Story 4 up high in the American Pavilion in the Kidcot station on the hutch.

Ducky and Bunny egg American Adventure

Italy: Find Alec Azam egg up high, next to the Kidcot station in the Italy Pavilion.

Alec Azam Egg Easter Eggstravaganza 2023

Germany: Find the Rabbit egg (from Winnie the Pooh) in a window up high of Der Teddybar in the Germany Pavilion. 

China: Find the Oswald egg in the China pavilion in gardens right behind the entrance, across from the door to Nine Dragons restaurant.

Oswald egg China Pavilion EPCOT

Norway: Find the Skippy (rabbit from Robin Hood) Easter egg in the Norway pavilion in the flowers in front of the pavilion next to the Royal Sommerhus entrance for the Anna and Elsa meet and greet.

EPCOT egg hunt answers Norway

Mexico: Look for Jackalope up high in the balcony across from the pyramid in the Mexico Pavilion.

Jackalope egg EPCOT egg hunt

The Odyssey: You’ll find the Bean Bunny Easter egg (from the Muppets) in the Odyssey Pavilion up high in the room where all the tables are.

Where to find Bean Bunny in the Odyssey Pavilion Epcot

Good luck! If you’re looking for more Easter Eggs around Walt Disney World Resort, here’s where you can find some displays. And don’t forget to enjoy the 2023 Garden Rocks Concert series at EPCOT!

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