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Best Easter Memes for 2024 to Make Every Bunny Laugh

Happy Easter 2024! If you celebrate and even if you don’t, enjoy these funny 2024 Easter memes to make every bunny laugh. Everyone loves a good Easter joke.

Best 2024 Easter Memes

These Easter memes poke fun at everything from Easter baskets to the Easter bunny to church.

Are you an eat the ears or butt first type of person? I have to admit this made me laugh way too much.

Funny Easter Meme


Happy Easter Peeps!

A happy little Easter message to send to all your favorite people. It’s way better than the actual candy.

Easter Meme 2022

Church on Easter 

Listen. You do what you have to do. It’s the least you could do. 


The reason for the season.

Easter Meme Funny

Easter Meme Religious

Church Easter Meme

Easter Meme Jesus

Mad respect to those who celebrate Lent.

Lent completed Easter meme

Schwarma, anyone?

Easter Meme to Make you Laugh

Easter Egg Hunt Memes

You know you’ve been to them before. People are savage during Easter egg hunts. Mostly the adults.

Easter Egg Hunt Meme

Are you really ever too old for an Easter Basket? 

Sad Trooper Easter Basket Meme

This one is just mean. But also I laughed.

Funny Easter Meme Teens

Maybe if I put socks in their eggs, they’d find them?

Easter Meme for Kids

Memes About Easter Candy

Surely there are people that like Peeps, because they keep making them.

Easter Candy Meme

Sorry, bunny. Nothing personal.

Funny Easter Memes 2023

You gotta love Easter Bunny humor.

Easter Bunny Humor

Listen. It’s Easter. I see no problems with this. 

Candy Eggs Easter Meme

I hope you have a happy Easter!

Our go-to Easter dessert is a Cadbury Easter Cookie Cake!

Even More Funny Memes