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Is Father Christmas is Back Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Father Christmas is Back is ok for kids on Netflix? This strange British comedy may appeal to some audiences, but kids is not one of them. Father Christmas is Back is rated PG-13 for language and sexually suggestive material. Here’s what parents need to know in this Father Christmas is Back Parents Guide.

Father Christmas is Back kid friendly

Father Christmas is Back Parents Guide

Four sisters reunite for Christmas in Yorkshire at Caroline’s (Nathalie Cox) house. She wants everything to be perfect since the whole family is coming to visit. However things go awry from the get-go when free-spirited Vicky (Talulah Riley) starts fighting with older and well-to-do sister Joanna (Elizabeth Hurley). Then things go especially sour when their father (Kelsey Grammer) comes to Christmas for the first time in over 20 years after leaving them. However, secrets amidst the family start to reveal themselves. 

What is Father Christmas is Back Rated?

Father Christmas is Back is rated PG-13 for sexually suggestive material and some language, which means it may not be suitable for children under 13. 


The language is on par for a PG-13 movie and not too excessive. There is a use of sh*thead, a few uses of b*tch, and uses of Deity like “oh g-d” and “Jesus.” A character also gives another the middle finger. 

Mature Content

There is a lot of sexually suggestive material in this film. There is a lot of talk about sex, including a married couple who doesn’t have a lot, so characters make fun of another for “having her legs closed.” One scene involves a comedic “sexy” dance in a nightie. Another character has sex with another without knowing their name. A character is tied on a bed during sex. There is no nudity.

One character wears revealing outfits which shows major cleavage. A character is shown in a shower but you see only the back. 

There is a lot of talk about affairs and abandonment. 

Characters drink alcohol and get drunk. 

Father Christmas is Back Parents Guide Netflix

Is Father Christmas is Back Appropriate for Kids Under 13? 

I wouldn’t recommend Father Christmas is Back for kids or teens. There is a lot of adult humor, and the plot really isn’t particularly appealing to a younger crowd. While I usually do enjoy a good British comedy, this one was just chaotic and somewhat cringey. When the writing relied on the sexual jokes for laughs, that’s when the comedy stopped. 

Most of the cast was enjoyable, but the script left them little to work with, so the film dragged on. Nathalie Cox as prim and proper and perfect Caroline was committed, and I appreciated her level of extra, even if annoying at times. Father Christmas is Back tried too hard to prove that their dysfunctional family was more dysfunctional than yours. But even still, isn’t family everything?

Father Christmas is Back was not a winner for starting off the Netflix holiday season. And although Love Hard wasn’t my favorite, it was still better than this. 

Father Christmas is Back Pg-13