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Disney’s All-Star Movies Renovated Room Photos and Review

Some people don’t like the Value Resorts at Disney World. I get it, they’re looking for a little more luxury. But with the new refurbished rooms at All-Star Movies and Pop Century plus queen beds, I’m totally in. My husband and I recently stayed there (without kids) and loved it. Check out our Disney’s All-Star Movies renovated room photos and our All-Star Movies review.

All-Star Movies Renovated room photos and review!

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Renovated Room Photos

My favorite Value Resort at Walt Disney World Resort has always been Pop Century. However, after staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort in the renovated rooms, I don’t know, I may have a new favorite. The decor in the All-Star Movies renovated rooms are simple and clean with a touch of Disney. Take a look at these All-Star Movies refurbished room photos and tell me if you agree.

The new renovated rooms at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

I love, love the addition of a table and the fold down bed. It’s nice to have a place to sit that’s not your bed, and some extra space if you come back to the room mid-day. Plus, I often like to eat breakfast in the room or bring back food to the room if we’re super tired at night. 

The best thing about the renovated rooms in All-Star Movies is queen-sized beds! That was always one of the biggest turn offs in the values. Pop Century has them, most of All-Star Movies has them, and eventually the rest of the Disney World Value Resorts will, too.

All-Star Movies Renovated Room Photos

Just pull on the handles and the table turns into a bed! It’s actually really comfortable, too. Not like a sofa bed at all. Plus look at how adorable Huey, Dewey, and Louie are!

All-Star Movies Refrigerator in refurbished rooms.

All-Star Movies Room Amenities

In the corner you have a little snack station with a refrigerator, coffee maker, ice bucket, and shelves for a little extra storage. This is a good place for snacks or food. 

I don’t know much about coffee or coffee makers, but one of the questions I got asked most on the Disney Parks Moms Panel, was what kind of coffee makers are in each Disney Resort Hotel room? So here’s a picture of the exact coffee maker in All-Star Movies Resort rooms.

All-Star Movies Coffee Maker

Can I fit a crib in a renovated room at All-Star Movies Resort?

Another frequently asked question was, “Can I fit a crib, stroller, air mattress, etc., in the room?” Well, here’s the most extra space you’ll get when both beds are used. I don’t think you could comfortably fit an air mattress there, but you could squeeze in a double stroller or Pack n Play in a renovated room at All-Star Movies Resort.

Is there room for a crib at All-Star Movies Resort?

All-Star Movies Renovated Bathrooms

Let’s move to the the renovated bathrooms at All-Star Movies Resort. I do like the addition of the door to separate the sink area from the sleeping area. There is also extra shelving, but the sink space is not very big, but it never has been. You’ll also get a small closet with a few hangers.

All-Star Movies Renovated Room and Bathroom Review

The bathrooms aren’t themed, but they are clean. I also like the addition of a door instead of a curtain, because sometimes the kids would get water all over the floor.

Also, there are big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, so you will not receive small bottles in your Value Resort hotel room anymore. It’s better for the environment, but I sure will miss filling my stash at home.

All-Star Movies Renovated Bathrooms

Overall, I say the new bathroom renovations at All-Star Movies are a definite improvement! I really like how fresh the rooms are, and I don’t miss carpet at all. 

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Review

With these room renovations, All-Star Movies is my new favorite Value Resort. I love Pop Century, but movies are my jam, so I love the decor. Yes, I do want a giant Buzz Lightyear outside of my hotel room!! I’m at Disney. I also love all the movie posters around the resort.

Giant Buzz Lightyear at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is the last of the All-Star Resorts. So I prefer the location of Disney’s Pop Century better. The rooms sleep 4 plus a child under the age of 3 in a Pack ‘n Play. If you need more space, then check out my post about Disney World Family Suites that are also in the Value Category.

There are 5 different sections in Disney’s All-Star Movies. Fantasia, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, Mighty Ducks, and The Love Bug, each with themed giant icons in front of the buildings. Preferred rooms in All-Star Movies are in the Toy Story, Fantasia, and 101 Dalmatians sections. You are paying a little extra to be closer to the main building.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort Map

The All-Star Movies pools are very themed, but you do get a Sorcerer Mickey at the main pool. There is no zero-entry pool at this resort. Pool are heated year round, so even when it’s 40 degrees outside, I’ll still see people swimming.

All-Star Movies Pools

Where to Eat at All-Star Movies

The World Premiere Food Court has your typical Disney food – Mickey Waffles, hamburgers, pasta, pizza, chicken, salads, dessert station, and more. We always found something to eat that we liked. You can check out their menus here. And I also love that each station is a marquee. Theming on point.

There is no table-service restaurant at All-Star Movies. You can also order room service room service from 5 p.m. until midnight and is limited to pizza, salads, soft drinks and beer.

Silver Screen Spirits, the poolside bar, offers sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.

All-Star Movies Food Court - World Premiere Food Court

Another question often asked is “What kind of soft drinks does the food court at All-Star Movies Resort offer?” When we visited in February 2019, I took a picture of the drink selections for your refillable mugs. They serve Coca-Cola products.

All-Star Movies Refillable Mug Soft Drinks

Is All-Star Movies Worth It?

Even the Value Resort snobs who have given the new rooms at Pop Century a chance are slowly starting to come around. Hey, if Values aren’t your thing, they aren’t your thing. But with the increase in prices all across the board at Disney Resorts, All-Star Movies is an excellent value for the price. 

The majority of the renovated rooms at this time are preferred rooms. The refurbishment is complete in both of the Toy Story buildings (buildings 9 & 10). Refurbishments are also complete in one of the Fantasia buildings (building 8) and both of the Love Bug buildings (buildings 6 & 7). To increase your chances of receiving a renovated room at All-Star Movies, I recommend booking a preferred room. I also put in a request for a refurbished room with Guest Services on my reservation.

If Disney can honor your request for All-Star Movies renovated rooms, then they will, but if you’re visiting during a high peak time like Spring Break, then sometimes it’s not possible. My husband and I visited without our children, and we had a great time! We requested a top floor room as well to try to eliminate some of the noise. If All-Star Movies is your budget, then I would not hesitate to recommend it for your Walt Disney World vacation!

Have you seen the new renovated rooms at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort? Check out my review plus why this resort has moved to my top pick for Disney World Value Resorts!


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