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10 Signs You’re Ready for Disney Parks Moms Panel Application Process

It’s Disney Parks Moms Panel Application time again! Are you ready? Do you think you should apply? Are you nervous? These are all questions I asked myself when I first started applying. It took me 5 years to finally become a Disney Parks Moms Panelist – Class of 2014! If you’re wondering what the Moms Panel is and whether you should apply, here are 10 signs you may be ready for the Disney Parks Moms Panel application process!

10 Signs You May be Ready for Disney Parks Moms Panel Application Process

Disney Parks Moms Panelists – Class of 2014

2020 Disney Parks Moms Panel Search Cancelled

Unfortunately, the 2020 Disney Parks Moms Panel Search has been cancelled for later this year. I know, 2020, you’ve been a doozy. However, I understand why they made the decision. With all the changes to Disney Parks reopening and things in constant fluidity, it’s for the best. Well it’s now the planDisney panel search.

You can read the official announcement here

“Our Disney Parks Moms Panelists are passionate about helping Guests make the most of their Disney vacation. Sharing their real experience and heartfelt advice, they help families create memories that will last a lifetime.

Each year, we search for new, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Guests to join this group of vacation planning pros. Since 2020 is unlike any year we’ve ever experienced, we are extending some of our current panelists for another year to provide stability to the program in an unstable time. As a result, we will not be seeking new panelists this fall.

We know this will be disappointing if you were planning to submit an application this year, but we are looking forward to receiving your application in the future. Until then, our current Disney Parks Moms Panelists are here and are as eager to answer your questions about your next Disney vacation as we know many of you are about returning to the magic with your family, friends and loved ones.”

10 Signs You May Be Ready for Disney Parks Moms Panel Applications

10. You’re an Annual Passholder, and you don’t live in Florida or California.

9. You’d be rich if you had a dollar every time someone asked you, “You’re going to Disney again???”

8. You’d be rich if you had a dollar every time you didn’t side eye a person that asked you, “You’re going to Disney AGAIN?”

7. You’ve considered wallpapering your home in Haunted Mansion patterns.

6. You’ve never called Cinderella Castle, Cinderella’s Castle.

5. You know that Tinker Bell is two words.

4. You’ve inserted yourself into a conversation when anyone says the word mouse…oh, they said house.

3. You may have a child or pet named after a Disney Character.

2. You know the difference between a Dole Whip and a Citrus Swirl.

And the number one sign you’re ready for the Disney Parks Moms Panel Application process is….

1. You are sincerely happy for those who do make the Disney Parks Moms Panel.

So now that you know you’re ready, hold on for a magical ride with the Disney Parks Moms Panel Application process!

What is the Disney Parks Moms Panel?

The Disney Parks Moms Panel consists of real Guests who have mastered the art of planning a Disney vacation and help other Guests, online, by answering vacation-planning questions using their own personal Disney experiences, helpful tips and heartfelt advice.

If you’re the go-to Disney planner amongst your friends and family, then this is the [non-paid] job for you. As a Moms Panelist you’re answering questions for guests who want to know things like, “Where can I meet Moana at Disney Parks?” or “What Disney Parks Resort is best for my family?”

How Much Money Do You Make as a Panelist?

Do they pay you in cash money? No. As a Disney Parks Moms Panelist, you’re a contracted worker and not a Disney employee. According to the website, “Panelists have received/will receive a Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort vacation for panelist and up to three family members and/or park tickets for their participation on the Disney Parks Moms Panel.”

You can review your contract prior to signing. If you have a big family like me, then you would pay out of pocket for those additional family members for park tickets, flights, etc.

Do you want to be a Disney Parks Moms Panelist for a free Disney vacation? No. Because it’s not free; it’s a lot of hard work. Is it fun work? YES! But it’s still work that takes away time from your family and other things.

Disney Parks Moms Panel Application Questions

It’s been a few years since I’ve had to apply as a first-time panelist. In the past there have been 3 to 4 rounds during the application process. The first round is usually a set of questions that ask you to tell you about yourself and/or family and allows the selection committee to get a sense of your writing style. The second round has usually involved more questions and a video of yourself. The third round has been a telephone interview with various people on the selection committee.

The Disney Parks Moms Panel Application process could change at any time. You never know what they’ll need next. So should you apply? If you love Disney, are knowledgeable about Disney Parks, are passionate about helping people plan Disney vacations, and meet the Eligibility Requirements, then YES!

Disney Parks Moms Panel Class of 2021 Search Dates

The search for the Disney Parks Moms Panel Class of 2021 has been cancelled. 

You can’t make it if you don’t try. I’ll admit when I made it to the final round one year and received a “no, thank you” call, I cried. I was heartbroken. But you know what? As Walt Disney said, “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” It wasn’t my time. Something I learned a year later. I was meant to be with my class, that year, no doubt in my mind.

Disney Parks Moms Panel Application Process

Moms Panel Application Advice

Good luck to all those who are applying! Be you, it’s what makes you special. It used to drive me buts when people would say that, but it’s true. No one is a better you, than you.

Make sure your personality shines through in your answers and remember your love of Disney parks. I’m over here chEARing for you!

And if you have any Disney vacation planning questions, then visit my pals.

Are you ready to be a Disney Parks Moms Panelist?


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Susy Macet

Thursday 10th of October 2019

Saludos! Soy Susy de Miami, Florida! I'm so honored to have made it to Round 2! Unfortunately, after days of practicing my video script and finally submitting this past Tuesday. I realized that Kilimanjaro Safari is properly called Kilimanjaro Safaris. As if that isn't bad enough, I wore dark nail polish in my video, which WDW Corporation frowns upon. I'm very sad about my stupid mistakes but I am leaving this reply so that future applicants know to make sure they where light nail polish. WDW also frowns upon oversized earrings and tattoos. Luckily, I wasn't wearing oversized earrings or have any tattoos. I have such a passion for Walt Disney World, I am a Florida Resident and Annual Passholder and I visit 3-4 times a year. On the bright side, I'm looking forward to participating in Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend with my daughter in November and celebrating my 50th birthday in December in Magic Kingdom. Mucha suerte para todo los aplicantes de este año! Y nunca dejes de realizar sus sueños!


Friday 11th of October 2019

I wouldn't overthink it! There are plenty of panelists who have tattoos or wear dark nail polish. Keep wishing on that star and buena suerte! And happy 50th!


Saturday 7th of September 2019

Hi... so my boss shot me a text about applying for the Mom Panel (that’s how many times I’ve taken a day off to go to Disney) LOL... but I have 2 questions. 1. If I live in Florida, does that count against me? 2. Honestly, we don’t always stay at a Disney resort when we visit. We stay a week using our DVC points once a year, but then take 7-10 weekend getaways a year. In order to do this we need to go with a tight budget. That means online hotel deals which include breakfast and taking our lunch to the parks. We usually eat dinner st a park.... I mean we are on vacation after all!! So my question is... will they not consider me simply because I do not always stay inside Disney? Thanks for your time... looking forward to my next weekend getaway at the end of this month.... then for my bday 3 weeks after that. Who me.... obsessed with Disney??? “What a peculiar thing to say”!!


Saturday 7th of September 2019

Ha! You sound perfect ;) I don't make the decisions of who gets chosen, but there are Florida moms on the panel, so I don't think it hurts at all. And as long as you know parks and can also give advice on Walt Disney World Resort hotels, then you should be fine. Be able to give information and advice that you can't necessarily find online by googling. I'm a DVC Member, too!


Tuesday 3rd of September 2019

Would you ever consider sharing your video or written portions you submitted on your blog? Sometimes it is nice to see what a winning entry looks like. If not, I totally understand. :)


Wednesday 4th of September 2019

I would, but I don't have any of that saved. It's interesting, because the year I got chosen we all saw our class videos and each had something different. Some were cute, some were funny, some were over the top, some were simple, but you could really see everyone's personalities. Good luck!!