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Cheapest Disney World Family Suites for Large Families

Sometimes it’s hard to find Disney World hotel rooms for large families at an affordable price. So I was happy when Disney World Family Suites were added to the Value Resorts category. Which are the best Disney World Family Suites: Art of Animation Family Suites or All-Star Music Family Suites?

This comparison of Disney’s Art of Animation Family Suites versus Disney’s All-Star Music Family Suites will help you decide which is better for your family’s next Walt Disney World vacation. Or if it’s worth the upgrade to stay in the Deluxe Hotel suites for a lot more money. 

All-Star Music Family Suite Master Bedroom

Best Disney World Family Suites On a Budget

There are a lot of Walt Disney World Resorts with suites, so why stay in a Disney World Family Suite? If you have a large family or even a smaller family with toddlers, these Disney suites offer extra space and are more comfortable than getting two connecting rooms at a Disney Value or Moderate Resort. 

The Family Suites at Disney World can accommodate up to 6 people, and I’d even recommend them for families of 5 rather than one room at a Disney moderate hotel. 

Is it cheaper to get 2 standard Disney hotel rooms versus a suite? It can be, but it’s also less convenient. I would only recommend getting two rooms if you’re traveling with different couples who want more privacy.

If you’re looking at suites or standard rooms in Disney deluxe resorts, those are so much more expensive. They are a great option if you have the money. However, I’d probably rent DVC points to stay in a 2 bedroom villa at a Walt Disney World deluxe resort like Disney’s Contemporary Resort or Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort on the monorail.  You can rent Disney Vacation Club points from companies like David’s Disney Vacation club rentals. 

The Disney World Family Suites in the Value Resorts provide a more economical option for larger families or families who just want more space without the deluxe price tag. And even those have gotten pricier these days.

Which is a better value -All-Star Music Family Suites or Art of Animation Family Suites? Well with recent-ish renovations to both types of rooms, the decision comes down to location and budget.

Years ago I would have said, choose the Art of Animation Suites all day, every day, but with the renovations to All-Star Music Family Suites and their price point, it’s hard to make that case. 

My family and I have stayed in numerous Walt Disney World hotels for large families including Value Resort Family Suites, 2 Value Resort hotel rooms, 2 Moderate Resort hotel rooms, 2-bedroom villas at a deluxe resort, and 2-bedroom suites at a deluxe resort.

If my family of 7 could still fit in Disney World Family Suites, then we’d choose those for value for your dollar. Biggest plus: 2 full bathrooms at these Disney Resort Suites for large families!

The things both Family Suites at Disney World have in common are two full bathrooms with a master bedroom, separate living area and a kitchenette (which includes a microwave, coffee maker, and small refrigerator).

How Much Do the Family Suites at Disney World Cost?

In 2024, the Art of Animation Family Suites range from $550 a night during the low season and $800 a night for the peak holiday season without any discounts. The All-Star Music Family Suites in 2024 cost ranges from about $387-$625 a night. You can sometimes find discounts on Disney’s website or you can also get a discounted Disney vacation package with Getaway Today. 

In comparison, the Deluxe Villas at Saratoga Springs, which is one of the more moderately priced Deluxe hotels start at about $600 a night in the value season for a 1-bedroom villa and $900 a night for a 2-bedroom villa. All these prices depend on the season and view. But, it’s a chunk of change. So the All-Star Music Family Suites are looking real good right now.

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Family Suites

The newer of the two, the theming at Disney’s Art of Animation is incredible. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is one of my favorite resorts! You can’t help but smile from ear-to-ear when you look around. 

Tons of bright colors, larger-than-life icons, and scenes from Disney Pixar movies. There is an Art of Animation Cars Family Suite, a Finding Nemo themed Disney World Family Suite, and a Lion King Family Suite section with themed rooms.

There are some Little Mermaid rooms, but they are not family suites. The Art of Animation Finding Nemo family suites cost a little bit more for the location. They will be closest to the main building. These family suites at Disney World are approximately 565 square feet.

Art of Animation Family Suite for Large Families

Art of Animation Family Suites Benefits

The Big Blue Pool is the largest Walt Disney World Resort pool, and it is a zero-entry pool, which is a big bonus for my little Nemos who don’t have lucky fins and aren’t good swimmers. There are 2 other pools, too, at the resort.

The Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation

Landscape of Flavors is a pretty good food court. They have different quick-service options other than your typical pizza and hamburgers. Covid has changed some of the options and selections though.

In my opinion, the transportation is better at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. They have one dedicated resort bus stop, and it does not share with other resorts. Also, you have interior rooms inside a building compared to outside walkways at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. Perhaps one of the biggest PROS is access to the Disney Skyliner.

If you’re going to be visiting Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and won’t have a car, this transportation option is fantastic, even if I’m not super keep on flying high in the air. It’s way better than the buses. Anything is better than the buses.

The rooms are definitely more themed than All-Star Music, so that could be a pro or con to some people. If you have fans of a specific movie, then it might be fun for them to engrossed in all that magic!

Art of Animation Family Suite Cars Room

Cons to Art of Animation Family Suites 

The biggest con to the Art of Animation Family Suites is that they are more expensive than Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. I checked a Value time in January 2024, and the family suites were approximately $150-$200 more per night than the All-Star Music Suites. If you’re staying for a week, that’s a chunk of change. 

Also, the Art of Animation Family Suites include a bedroom with one queen-sized bed; one double-size convertible TableBed; one double-size sleeper sofa; living room; 2 bathrooms, and a kitchenette. Anytime you get a sofa bed, it’s just not going to be the most comfortable thing ever. But some people, especially kids, don’t mind it. I do.

Also the kitchenette is very small in the corner of the living room. 

Lion King Family Suite Living Room

Finding Nemo Family Suite Sofa Bed

All Star Music Disney World Family Suites

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is also a fun resort! They have large musical instrument icons like guitars, drums, saxophones, and maracas. The family suites are approximately 520 square feet. There are 2 pools at this resort and a water play area for smaller children.

It is within walking distance to Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort and Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, so we’ve gone exploring to other resorts, and the kids enjoyed it.

All-Star Music Resort Icons

All-Star Music Family Suite Resort Pros

If you stay in an All-Star Music Family Suite, you automatically have a preferred location and are in close proximity to the main building and front desk with check-in and the food court.

Also the kitchenette in the All-Star Music Family Suite has a much bigger full-size type kitchen with a full-size refrigerator. Still no over, but you can eat a lot of breakfasts in the room and save money. It’s also helpful with babies and toddlers at Disney World when I needed to refrigerate milk or formula. 

All-Star Music Family Suite Kitchen

You get a master suite with a full bathroom attached. And a living area where the couch and table converts into two queen beds. This is one of the biggest pros – three queen-sized beds in the suite. I find the pull-down Murphy beds more comfortable than a sofa bed. 

All-Star Music Family Suite Beds

All-Star Music Suite for Large Families at Disney World

All Star Music Family Suite Bathroom

Theming is not as in your face here at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort in the rooms, so if you want subtle, then this would be the one for you. It’s similar to the All-Star Movies renovated rooms.

Best Disney World Family Suite

Living Area in All-Star Music Family Suite

All-Star Music Family Suite Cons for Large Families

The Intermission Food Court is kind of small and does not have the selection of flavors as Landscape of Flavors, but there are still plenty of options and my children probably enjoyed the food here better, because their palate is well, unsophisticated. Pizza and chicken nuggets are their go-to choices. 

They have added some other items to the menu like Walt’s Chili, pot roast, and salmon. 

Disney bus transportation can be shared with the neighboring All-Star Movies Resort and All-Star Sports Resort.

That’s usually during the middle of the day when the crowds aren’t as heavy. However, it can be annoying when your kids are tired and need a nap or you need a nap. All Disney buses are fickle. But if you have your own car, then it doesn’t really matter. I’d use the savings from Art of Animation to rent a car.

Are Disney World Family Suites Worth It?

The Disney World family suites are a good budget Disney accommodation for larger families. Obviously the word budget is used when you compare them to other resorts on Walt Disney World resort property. They are still pricey. I would even recommend them to smaller families where parents with small children (or teenagers!) and just want some privacy. You get two TVs, 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, and more square footage with suites at Disney World. 

You get the same amenities as more expensive Disney resorts for large families like the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. And you don’t have to rent a golf cart. Perks of staying on-property like Extra Magic Hours, free transportation to and from the theme parks and Disney Springs, and added activities like pool parties and movies by the pool.

If the price were equal, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Family Suites may win just to Disney Skyliner access, but the price is not equal. In Value Season, $550 a night is not budget. I wish they weren’t quite so expensive so more families could enjoy them.

My budget and length of stay would determine which resort I chose. I would also ask, is theming important? Do I need queen-sized beds versus full-size beds? It’s hard to beat the value of the renovated All-Star Music Family Suites. 

Money talks for me, so Disney’s All-Star Music Family Suites would be my family’s choice. 

And if you’d like to save even more money on souvenirs, here is the best Disney Orlando outlet closest to Walt Disney World. Also check out whether Disney’s newest ride TRON Lightcycle Run is kid friendly.

Disney World Family Suites

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