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Is Afterlife of The Party Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Afterlife of the Party is ok for kids? Afterlife of the Party is rated TV-PG for some drinking and partying. For the most part, this Netflix film is tween and kid friendly, with some mature topics, but no language or sexual content. Here’s what parents need to know in this Afterlife of the Party Parents Guide.

Is Afterlife of the Party Kid Friendly?

Is Afterlife of the Party Kid Friendly?

Cassie (Victoria Justice) lives to party, even declaring that she must party the entire week leading to her 25th birthday …until she dies in a freak accident. She just had a blow-out fight with her best friend, Lisa (Midori Francis), after Lisa tries to tell her she doesn’t need to party all the time. Now she needs to right her wrongs on Earth if she wants to earn her wings and go to the Above instead of to the Below. Her Guardian Angel, Val, tries to help her make it, but it won’t be so easy because Cassie has a lot of pain built up from past relationships, including her parents. 

Why is Afterlife of the Party rated TV-PG? 

For a movie that’s aimed a little more towards young adults, I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of language and sexual content. There is drinking and dysfunctional family relationships. 


There is no profanity in Afterlife of the Party, but there are words of Deity. 

Mature Content

Cassie is seen drinking shots and dancing on a bar. She is drunk and has an accident.

There are parts of the movie that are sad as Cassie deals with past relationships like being abandoned as well as dealing with her own death. You see people grieving her which could be emotional for young kids and those who have lost a loved one. 


Is Afterlife of the Party Appropriate For Kids Under 10?

Aside from mature topics like death and drinking, there isn’t too much that’s inappropriate for tweens. The teen crowd may find it a little boring, but stars like Victoria Justice from the popular Nickelodeon series, Victorius, and Midori Francis from Dash and Lily, will draw in viewers.

Afterlife of the Party has its moments, but overall, the emotional parts are rushed and trite. Sometimes Cassie’s character can seem off-putting and whiney, but Justice is likeable. Her charisma helps out the character. 

There are lessons to be learned, and plenty of topics to be discussed between parents and kids like friendships, divorce, drinking, and death. Is it enjoyable? Sure, some if it is cheesy and cringey, but I’ll take that over super edgy and inappropriate. 

Everything seems to wrap up a little too neatly in Afterlife of the Party, but much like He’s All That, this one will be for the kiddos who want to watch dramas that are a bit more mature, but not too big for their britches. This is a good happy medium.

Is Afterlife of the Party Ok For Kids?

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