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Is The D’Amelio Show Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if The D’Amelio Show is ok for kids on Hulu? Rated TV-14 for language, The D’Amelio Show is like a reality show docudrama. Kids who are fans of Charli and Dixie D’Amelio  and want more of the D’Amelio family’s day-to-day may enjoy this show. Here’s what parents need to know in this The D’Amelio Show Parents Guide.

The D'Amelio Show Parents Guide

The D’Amelio Show Parents Guide

TikToker Charli D’Amelio gained fame pretty quickly from the social media platform TikTok. She has over 100 million TikTok followers and now is creating an empire a la Kardashian style with sister Dixie and her parents. They now have a new reality show on Hulu documenting their move to L.A. from Connecticut as they build their brand and also parent teen stars. However, not all of their rise to stardom has been positive, especially when it comes to internet trolls and rude comments.

Why is The D’Amelio Show rated TV-14? There is some unedited language and as well as tough topics like bullying and anxiety. 


Words such as sh*t, hell, Jes-s, and douchey are said. There are f-words bleeped out.

Mature Content

The family deals with some hard times like internet bullies who say rude and hateful things about the D’Amelios. It may be hard to for some kids to see them go through that. Both Charli and Dixie get emotional when talking about some of the criticism.

Is The D'Amelio Show kid friendly?

Is The D’Amelio Show Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Is The D’Amelio Show kid friendly? There certainly isn’t anything worse on this show than on TikTok. Kids who are fans of Charli or Dixie will enjoy getting to know the girls better and perhaps some kids will learn the impact words have on people. The girls address mental health issues, which will hopefully help those struggling with anxiety and bullying.

As the dad says, “The main goal is to tell a true story of us,” however, there is definitely money involved as you see product placements and brand awareness. As with all reality shows, it’s scripted, and you may catch some candid moments, but it’s hard to know whether what you see is real versus what they want you to see. 

As Dixie struggles with anxiety and tearfully exclaims that sometimes she feels like she can’t escape the hate, you wonder why the parents thrust them into the limelight even more. The family’s work ethic is admirable, and it is interesting to note what goes into marketing their careers.

However, The D’Amelio Show doesn’t delve deep, but really, cameras chronicle what life is like for a bunch of insta-famous teens. There isn’t a ton of conflict aside from the mean words and comments users like to make, so the show can get repetitive. This one’s for existing fans, and they may pick up a few new ones, too, but The D’Amelio Show won’t do much to make you feel like know the family any better or answer the question why The D’Amelios are so popular. 

The D'Amelio Show Hulu

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