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Best Quotes from Afterlife of the Party on Netflix

Have you seen Afterlife of the Party on Netflix? This dramedy starring Victoria Justice is all about making amends and realizing what’s important in life. Here are some of the best Afterlife of the Party quotes from Cassie, Lisa, Val, and more!

Best Cassie Quotes Afterlife of the Party

Best Afterlife of the Party Quotes on Netflix

Cassie is an extrovert who loves to party! She is celebrating her 25th birthday all week. Her best friend, Lisa, however, would prefer a night in. The two lifelong friends have a big blowout and realize maybe they’re not so close after all. After a night of partying, Cassie comes home drunk and has a freak accident and dies. She must now make things right with several people in her life while she’s dead or else she’ll be going to the Below. 

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Afterlife of the Party? Drop them in the comments below!

I want to introduce to my friend, fun. I don’t know If you two have ever met. -Cassie

He smells really, really good. Like pine and pizza. -Lisa

Best Afterlife of the Party Lisa Quotes

It’s like you think you aren’t worth anything if you aren’t seen. -Lisa

The in-between is for those who have unfinished business back on Earth. -Val

Just think of it as Cassie-palooza, the afterlife edition. -Val

What the Gamer Geek? -Cassie

Being dead brings up a lot of insecurities. -Cassie

For someone who studies bones, you need to get some in your back. -Cassie

Afterlife of the Party Quotes Netflix

You know that these people are terrible, right? -Lisa

I can’t leave it like this. It’s a bakery, not Grandma’s basement. -Cassie

Modesty’s a myth that was sold to women a long time ago. -Dr.

Somebody call Marie Kondo because joy is really not sparking here. -Cassie

I died before I even got a chance to live. -Cassie

I always like to be the last one to leave a party. -Cassie

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