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Where to Buy the 25th Cake Castle Hoodie and Mug at Disney World

Remember the 25th Anniversary Birthday Cake Castle at Magic Kingdom? Cinderella Castle looked like a pink birthday cake. You either love it or hate. So for all you fans, as part of the Vault Collection, there is a Cake Castle black hoodie with Disney characters. It’s very popular, so here’s where it’s been spotted at Walt Disney World. 

25th Anniversary Castle Cake Sweatshirt

Where to Find the 25th Anniversary Cake Castle Sweatshirt from the Vault Collection

You can find pieces of the Vault Collection at all the Walt Disney World theme parks. The Vault Collection is meant to bring a little nostalgia to your Disney wardrobe and is part of the Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration.

The Cake Castle Hoodie has the castle with Disney pals surrounding it with the date October 1, 1996. I found mine at Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures in Dinoland on January 21, 2023. 

Here are other places the Cake Castle 25th Anniversary Hoodie has been found:

Island Mercantile at Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom Park

Port of Entry at Epcot

This hoodie is very popular, and I had been looking for it for a few days and it has been sold out. Coincidentally after riding Dinosaur, when walking back through Dinoland through the gift shop I noticed other Vault Collection pieces and found 5 of the sweatshirts. 

Cake Castle Hoodie Vault Collection

I did find the sweatshirt at Port of Entry at Epcot on 1/31/2023. But they were going fast. They had an XL in the morning and by the time I walked around the World Showcase, it was gone.

25th Anniversary Cake Castle Hoodie

However, I also did find the 25th Anniversary Cake Castle mug at Port of Entry!! It’s so cute, too! I think the pink on the inside of the mug is what sealed the deal for me. 

25th Anniversary Cake Castle Mug

25th Anniversary Cake Castle Mug

So keep your eyes peeled. Some Cast Members don’t know the particular pieces, but you can ask where they sell the vault collection. There are other really cute items, too, and different stores had different parts of the collection.

Good luck! At least the Figment Popcorn Buckets are really easy to find now! And if you need some inexpensive Disney souvenirs, try the Character Warehouse outlets.