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Alice, Darling Parents Guide: Is it OK for Teens?

Wondering if Alice, Darling is ok for kids? Alice, Darling captures the effects of abuse on a woman and her friendships in an emotional film. Here’s what parents need to know in this Parents Guide to Alice, Darling

Alice Darling Parents Guide

Alice, Darling Parents Guide: Is it Kid Friendly?

In the taut thriller ALICE, DARLING, Anna Kendrick stars as a woman pushed to the breaking point by her psychologically abusive boyfriend, Simon. While on vacation with two close girlfriends, Alice rediscovers the essence of herself and gains some much-needed perspective. Slowly, she starts to fray the cords of codependency that bind her. But Simon’s vengeance is as inevitable as it is shattering — and, once unleashed, it tests Alice’s strength, her courage, and the bonds of her deep-rooted friendships.

Parents need to know that Alice, Darling does have sexual content and self-harm which is not kid friendly for kids younger than 14. 

Age Rating: Why is Alice, Darling Rated R?

Alice, Darling is rated R for language, abuse, self-harm, and sexual content which means some content may not be suitable for kids younger than 17.

Language in Alice, Darling

There is profanity in Alice, Darling including uses of sh*t, a**, bullsh*t, bi*ch, f*ck, and sexual words like c*nt and d*ck. There are also words of Deity including g-ddamn. 

Sexual Content: Is Alice Darling Appropriate for Teens?

There is no explicit nudity in Alice, Darling, but there are sex scenes with thrusting, moaning, and kissing. You can see some bare shoulders and body parts rubbing together. Characters also are seen showering together. 

There are sexual jokes and conversations about orgasms. 

Characters sext photos of their cleavage. 

Mature Content: Is Alice Darling OK for Kids?

The plot revolves around an abusive boyfriend, which could be triggering for some. 

There is a lot of psychological abuse and a character harms themself.

There are some tense moments with a jump scare or two. 

Is Alice, Darling Appropriate for Kids Under 17?

Alice, Darling can serve as a warning for teens, especially those in abusive relationships. However, the sexual content in Alice, Darling may be too much for tweens and younger teens, and the overall tone is for mature audiences only.

If parents are ok with the content, then we’d recommend discussing the film with their kids and teens, as the content can be disturbing. But the conversations about relationships, friendships, and abuse are important. 

Anna Kendrick delivers a powerful performance, and the film speaks to the strength of female friendships. 

The film is not without flaws, and sometimes it feels like details are missing from the story, but Kendrick is just so good. Many people will be able to relate. 

Alice Darling Age Rating

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