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The Last of Us Parents Guide: Is it Kid Friendly?

Wondering if HBO’s The Last of Us is ok for kids? Like the video game, there are scary scenes full of violence, death, and profanity. It may not be the best for kids, but the show is popular on HBO Max. Here’s what parents need to know in The Last of Us Parents Guide.

The Last of Us Parents Guide

The Last of Us Parents Guide

Is The Last of Us (2023) Kid Friendly? 

The Last of Us is based on the PlayStation game and takes place 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed. It centers on a post-apocalyptic world where mankind was infected by a strain of the Cordyceps virus, transforming them into inhuman monsters. Joel (Pedro Pascal), a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal journey as they both must traverse the US and depend on each other for survival. 

Parents need to know that The Last of Us is for mature audiences only and does contain a lot of violence and scary scenes for kids.

Age Rating: Why is The Last of Us Rated TV-MA?

The Last of Us is Rated TV-MA for violence, blood and fore, and strong language which means some content may not be suitable for kids under 17.

Language in The Last of Us 

There is a lot of profanity in The Last of Us including many uses of sh*t, a**hole, bi*ch, f*ck, and words of Deity including g-ddamn.

Violence: Is The Last of Us Too Scary for Kids? 

You can expect a lot of blood, gore, and violence in The Last of Us. Characters burn bodies, hang people, and shoot people in the head. Scenes of cannibalism are shown. People fight for survival. Characters die by suicide.

Characters are seen with horrible fungal infections, and there are gory scenes of decomposing bodies and skulls. Some scenes are intense and gross.

Violence is heavy in The Last of Us including scary scenes and a lot of death which is not kid friendly for kids under 14 years old.

Mature Content: Is The Last of Us OK for Teens?

Characters are seen drinking alcohol, smoking, and using substances and pills.

There is some nudity in The Last of Us including a nude female corpse with breasts and vaginal area shown.

In episode 3, two male characters kiss and sex is implied. 

Some character deaths are very emotional. 

The premise of the show is dark and somewhat depressing.

The Last of Us ok for Kids

Parents Guide: Is The Last of Us Appropriate for Kids Under 17?

The Last of Us is a lot like the video game and you can expect to see blood and gore, graphic death, some nudity, violence, alcohol use, and profanity used by some of the characters. To sum it up, The Last of Us is not kid friendly for kids under 14, and really we’d recommend it for ages 16 and older. 

There are certainly positive messages amidst the death and destruction, so if parents are ok with the content, we’d recommend having discussions with your teen or child after watching. The Last of Us also has gay and transgender characters which can mean a lot to teens who can relate. You know, until The Last of Us rips our hearts out and kills them off. 

Pascal and Ramsey are excellent as damaged characters on a journey together, and a little reminiscent of Pascal’s character on The Mandalorian as he cares for Grogu. The first two episodes were more action-packed and then episode 3 slows down a bit, but packs an emotional punch. Heartbreaking and humanizing, The Last of Us reveals the best and worst of us.

The story-telling is top-notch, but have tissues handy, because these episodes just keep getting harder and harder.

The Last of Us Age Rating

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