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Figment Popcorn Bucket Back in 2023: How to Buy One

If you tried to get a Figment Popcorn Bucket in Epcot during Festival of the Arts in 2022. You know how that went. The Figment Popcorn Bucket is back for 2023 Festival of the Arts in Epcot and it’s all mobile order now. Here’s how you can purchase one.

where to buy Figment Popcorn Bucket 2023

Where to Buy a Figment Popcorn Bucket at Disney World

You can purchase a Figment Popcorn Bucket in Epcot during Festival of the Arts through mobile order beginning January 13, 2023. The Figment Popcorn Buckets are $25 each and come with some colorful fruity popcorn. I also love the new 40th Anniversary strap!

You’ll make an order just like you order food through the My Disney Experience app.

  • Beginning at 11:00 a.m., go to the My Disney Experience app and select “Order Food.”
  • Under Epcot select EPCOT Souvenir Release.
  • Select your arrival window. The app will notify you if no mobile order arrival windows are available. 

how to mobile order order figment popcorn bucket

  • You can purchase up to 2 Figment Popcorn Buckets.
  • Make the purchase and when your arrival window opens, head to World Celebration (the Odyssey building)
  • Once there, select I’m here. When your order is ready and your screen is purple, get in line to pick up your Figment Popcorn Bucket!

Figment Popcorn Bucket 2023

The whole process was pretty easy. When I purchased the Figment Popcorn Bucket at around 11:00 a.m., my arrival window was 6:40 p.m. However, as I checked the app throughout the day, I was able to change my window to 1:20 p.m., so keep checking the app!

Once you head to World Celebration, there will be a line at the door closest to the Test Track area, and you’ll pick up your popcorn bucket at the tables inside.

how to mobile order figment popcorn bucket

Enjoy! If you’re a popcorn bucket collector like me you can get the Rainbow Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket and Mr. Toad’s Popcorn Bucket