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Wonka Parents Guide: Is it Kid Friendly?

Wondering if Wonka is ok for kids? This family-friendly rendition of the story of Willy Wonka is full of whimsy and charm. And it’s a musical! If you want to know how Willy Wonka became the famous chocolatier, this film is full of sweet surprises. Here’s what parents need to know in this Wonka Parents Guide.

Wonka Parents Guide

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Wonka Parents Guide

Based on the extraordinary character of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Timothée Chalamet is a young Willy Wonka. This origin story shows how Willy Wonka dreams of bringing his chocolate to as many people as possible after his mom passes away. However, the chocolate cartel will do anything they can to stop him, even bribing a sweet-toothed officer and clergyman to do shady and illegal things. They know how good Wonka’s chocolate is and they don’t want him breaking into their profits. Determined to succeed for his mother, Willy Wonka finds friends along the way to help make his chocolate dreams come true. 

Parents need to know that Wonka is not as dark as previous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adaptations.

Age Rating: Why is Wonka Rated PG?

Wonka is rated PG for some violence and thematic elements which means some content may not be suitable for all kids. Parental Guidance is suggested.

Language in Wonka

There is brief mild language in Wonka including one use of damn. Also words like “stupid” and “brat” are heard and a use of “Oh my Lord.”

Mature Content: Is Wonka OK for Kids?

There is some kissing between characters (nothing too passionate) and a couple of sexual innuendos/references. Some characters get a little cheeky and a man is seen in a short, flowered robe, revealing some upper leg. There is also a camera shot from behind that reveals upper thigh.

Characters are seen drinking alcohol.

There is some potty humor with farts.

A character is shown to rapidly gain weight due to eating too much chocolate. 

A character is show swindling other characters.

A girl is locked in a room.

Mature topics such as grief, orphans, adoption, and corruption are shown. 

Violence: Is Wonka Too Scary for Kids?

Some comedic violence is used including a cop dunking another character’s head in cold water a couple of times to give him a warning. A character shoots a gun and points it at other characters.

Some characters are mean and dishonest and mistreat others. 

An adult kicks a child.

Wonka is not too scary but does show characters in peril which may frighten small children. A character tries to drown another in chocolate and a building is on fire with characters running out.

Wonka Age Rating

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Is Wonka Appropriate for Kids Under 8?

You can expect some violence, alcohol use, mature themes, kissing, and mild language used by some characters. To sum it up, Wonka is kid friendly for kids ages 6 and up.

With a run time of almost 2 hours, Wonka may be too long for younger kids and may not hold their interest. The musical numbers may help hold their attention, but some may get restless. Although the film content is appropriate for younger kids, some may not be too attentive. I’d recommend Wonka for ages 8 and older.

Although there may be a few scary elements, Wonka is pure magic. Chalamet is perfectly cast as Willy Wonka. His positivity and playfulness are a refreshing change from the more snarky and dark Wonka portrayals. He’s not erratic, but still quirky. Although some may miss the sinister Wonka, I didn’t. I adored the dreamer.

I do wish they would have left out the bit of a police officer gaining weight rapidly, because he’s addicted to chocolate and eats way too much. It felt unnecessary and didn’t fit with the tone of the rest of the film.

Aside from that, the movie is delightful with visual eye candy. It’s escapism at its finest. Perhaps not the musical feast the likes of The Greatest Showman, the musical numbers were still fun! Chalamet is the weak link when it comes to singing, but the acting makes up for it.  He’s certainly not a bad singer, but some of the songs could have been stronger.

Pure Imagination does hit all the right notes and feelings. With nods to its predecessor, Wonka knows how to make you feel nostalgia without shoving it in your face. All the actors and supporting actors were terrific, each adding something special to the story.

Wonka is a sweet treat and wonderful family holiday film.

Wonka Kid Friendly

Photo: Jaap Buittendijk

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