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Is The Queen’s Gambit Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix is ok for kids? Rated TV-MA for language, smoking, drug use, and sexual content, The Queen’s Gambit is not recommended for kids under 16. Here’s what parents need to know in The Queen’s Gambit Parents Guide. 

Is The Queen's Gambit kid friendly?

The Queen’s Gambit Parents Guide

Not only is The Queen’s Gambit a movie about chess, it’s also about addiction, obsession, and really the journey into Beth Harmon’s (Anya Taylor-Joy) mind.

After the death of her mother, Elizabeth is sent to an orphanage, and there she is introduced to chess by a janitor and realizes she’s good. Beth is eventually adopted and begins to play chess tournaments to win money. Amidst personal tragedy and inner demons, she spirals into addiction and must figure out how she will becomes the World’s Chess Champion.

Here’s what parents need to know.

The Queen's Gambit Parents Guide


There is a lot of language in The Queen’s Gambit including many f-words, a–, a–hole, g-ddammit, damn, sh–, and c-cksucker all throughout the series.

Mature Content

The Queen’s Gambit is rated TV-MA for many reasons. While there isn’t explicit nudity, there are several sex scenes and implied sexual encounters. You see characters without clothes and bare backs or chests, perhaps a little side boob, but nothing full-on. There’s heavy breathing, thrusting, moaning, etc. You also see characters in bra and underwear.

Two characters are making out and one gropes the other under her shirt. An older girl describes to a younger girl the meaning of c-cksucker.

The series is also heavy on addiction and there are many scenes of alcohol and substance abuse. This could be hard for teens going through a similar situation or those with friends or family going through it. Children are given pills to tranquilize them.

There is a car accident that results in a death.

Is The Queen’s Gambit Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

Ultimately, The Queen’s Gambit can be very dark, and I would recommend it for adults. Anya Taylor-Joy is remarkable as Beth Harmon and her story is sad, yet fascinating. She is often overlooked as a woman in a man’s competitive chess world. Her struggles eventually make her stronger, but she is fueled by addiction.

Beth is honest, vulnerable, lonely, and witty. While this one may not be for kids, The Queen’s Gambit will have you rooting for Beth to get her life together and get the wins she needs. 

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Wednesday 7th of April 2021

Hi Mrs. Tania! I had a few questions if that is okay… So i am 14 year old but i am really picky about my shows… My parents do think I can handle shows like Cobra Kai and Agents of shield which does have similar stuff as this show… hearing that would you recommend this to a mature 14 year old?


Friday 7th of October 2022

@nani, I think it all depends on what bothers you mure than on your age. I watched drug related content when I was young and it left no impression on me whatsoever (I wasn't interested in it). When I was 36 someone I love was going through a drug issue. Thankfully he's four years clean now, but I find myself unable to watch anything with drugs in it. Especially if it's in a comedy and seen as fun. I get depressed for days afterwards. My point is it's all depends on what unnerves you. At any age.


Tuesday 4th of May 2021

@Lily, I would not recommend you watch this till you're maybe 17 or 18. Might seem over the top but I do believe 17 and 18 is the appropriate age to watch shows like these if you're wanting to. I'm 22 and even if there is sex scenes I tend to skip them still because they seem so pointless. I don't know why hollywood/netflix think it's amusing and seems to be obsessed to watch strangers in almost all their shows and movies be so intimate with each other on screen. Just seems weird to me. The show is dark so I wouldn't recommend you watching it at 14, just my opinion. You're not missing out on much. It's important that we remind ourselves to be careful of what we allow ourselves to listen or watch. I personally try to watch more uplifting movies, shows, etc. then that of disturbing, perverted, or dark series. I've had my fair share of watching those and they just leave me feeling like bleh and low on the inside if you know what I mean. Just junk. Sorry for the long response lol. Hope you take into consideration what I said. :)


Thursday 8th of April 2021

@tanialamb, Thank you for replying :) I love your reviews about the shows and movies. It really sums up everything and it helps me see all the content :)


Wednesday 7th of April 2021

Well Agents of SHIELD is different than this and even more tame than Cobra Kai in my opinion. The Queen's Gambit is a really good show, but it does have drug use and mental illness, so if you think that's something you can handle, then maybe.

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Monday 23rd of November 2020

Hi there, fantastic guide! I find doesn't help me much because it's user-review driven and so many parents are prudes, so every show that has sh*t and a kissing scene is canned. Your style and the consistency very helpful. Please keep it up! Will keep checking back. Do you take requests/suggestions of what to review? You should start a rival site to commonsense - you could become the default :)


Tuesday 24th of November 2020

Thank you! I do take suggestions on what to review. I don't have a team, only a couple of helpers, so sometimes I can't get to everything, but I'm happy to take recommendations!

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