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Parents Guide to Never Have I Ever Season 3

Wondering if Never Have I Ever Season 3 on Netflix is ok for kids? This popular teen Netflix series is back for another season and is much like the other seasons – lots of sex and sex talk. Devi once again finds herself in romantic complications as she tries to navigate high school life and grieve the death of her father. Here’s what parents need to know in this Never Have I Ever Season 3 Parents Guide.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Parents Guide

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Parents Guide

In Season 3 of Never Have I Ever, Devi finally has a boyfriend – Paxton! Who would have thought she’d be with the hottest guy in school and gaining popularity? However, while things are good for awhile, she’s still insecure about why Paxton would want to be with her. Still seeing her therapist, she continues to work through her issues and self-confidence while still trying to process her grief over her father’s death. And Fabiola and Eleanor are also navigating their love lives. The three friends continue to be there for each other amongst all the highs and lows.

Why is Never Have I Ever Rated TV-14?

Never Have I Ever Season 3 is rated TV-14 for language, substance use, and sexual content which means some content may not be suitable for kids under 14. 


There is quite a bit of language in Never Have I Ever including uses of sh*t, damn, hell, slut, bit*h, a**, a**hole, dick, g-ddamn, one use of f*ck, and “oh my g-d.” Some characters also use the acronym PTA to mean pits, tits, and a**.

Mature Content

While there is no nudity in Season 3 of Never Have I Ever, there is plenty of implied sex and talk about sex. These are a bunch of horny teenagers whose lives don’t necessarily revolve around sex, but it’s constantly on the brain. Some characters are on top of each other making out in beds and on couches. One character grabs another’s boob and butt. Several characters lose their virginities. There is some moaning and close up shots of making out. 

There is talk of sexting and scenes of kisses between male and females as well as between two females and a female and nonbinary character.

There is also underage drinking and partying, including characters who smoke weed and talk about weed consumption quite a bit.

A character is caught cheating in a competition. Some name-calling and instances of bullying are present.

Never Have I Ever Age Rating

Is Season 3 of Never Have I Ever Appropriate for Kids Under 14?

Never Have I Ever Season 3 is not kid-friendly and not really tween friendly due to all the sexual content. This show is one that I wish would just tone down some of the inappropriate content, because some of the topics, conversations, and friendships are so important, I wish younger audiences could watch. 

This is not to say that kids in middle school or high school are not experiencing some of these same things and pressures depicted in the show, but some of the crude language or aloof attitudes about choices or decisions can be dangerous for kids, especially if they’re watching without a parent to guide them or have conversations on how to navigate some of these scenarios. 

While generally Never Have I Ever does a good job of talking through some of the situations like “don’t have sex until you’re ready” or ignoring mean girl comments is being mature and exercising restraint, others are questionable. For example, kids are free to party, drink alcohol, have fake IDs, smoke pot, with little parental supervision. And when characters finally do decide they “are ready,” there doesn’t show much thought into the decision and certainly no indication of having safe sex.

The writing is witty, quotes are funny, the female friendships are supportive, and the diversity and inclusion is welcome, but the crude and crass behaviors with little consequences make it hard to recommend. I understand why there are fans of the show, I am sometimes one of them, but I am also confused by the alleged maturity of characters to make big decision while also using a boink pass. Parents, stream Never Have I Ever Season 3 first to see if it’s ok for your kids. 

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