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Funniest Never Have I Ever Quotes on Netflix

You never know what funny quotes will come out of Devi’s mouth on Never Have I Ever on Netflix. She’s a rebellious teenager who just lets things fly. The funniest Never Have I Ever Quotes are definitely from my favorite characters Devi, Fabiola, Ramona, and Nalini (Devi’s mom). 

List of Funniest Quotes from Never Have I Ever on Netflix 

Season One’s quotes in Never Have I Ever provided some great laughs, because the characters are so relatable. I can’t wait to see what Season Two has in store. Some of the humor can be a little mature, so make sure to read my Never Have I Ever Parents Guide Review first.

Never Have I Ever Quotes on Netflix

I’d like to be invited to a party with alcohol and hard drugs. I’m not gonna do them, I’d just like the opportunity to say, “No cocaine for me, thanks. I’m good.” -Devi

Dear Gods. This was one of Devi’s requests to the Gods at the very beginning of the series on Netflix. May we all pass on cocaine.

One day, you will walk again. If not, I will build you legs. -Fabiola

Now that’s friendship!

I’d love for my arm hair to thin out. I know it’s an Indian thing, but my forearms look like the frigging floor of a barber shop. -Devi

Girl, same. It’s not only an Indian thing. 

You look like an Indian Kardashian. -Fabiola

Highest compliment in the land, natch.

This is worse than if it were happening to me. In protest, I shan’t use my legs either. -Ramona

Ramona is always one for the dramatic since she’s an actress, and I’m here for it.

Later, Skater.  -Devi

The most awkward, yet endearing quote in Never Have I Ever. 

You think you are a loser? I was so lonely I got catfished by a middle aged man yesterday. -Ben

Kind of sad, but Ben’s humor softens the situation and makes him more human than villain. 

Yeah, you better go to your room before I give you a smack. Smacking is still an acceptable punishment in many minority cultures. -Nalini 

A humorous glimpse into another culture.

If Women didn’t accept each other’s apologies, The View would grind to a halt. -Devi

Preach it! Women can be catty, but we sure better be able to accept apologies. Good thing The View forges on.

American workplaces need fun perks to keep their employees earning a paycheck. -Nalini

I mean is she wrong?

Nalini Quotes on Never Have I Ever

I left a funeral to be by your side after Nick Jonas married an Indian woman that wasn’t you. -Fabiola

Ok, sorry, I lied. Now this is friendship. Priyanka is a lucky woman, and Fab is a true friend.

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Never Have I Ever? Drop them in the comments below.

Never Have I Ever Quotes

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