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Is Palmer Kid Friendly? Parents Guide | AppleTV+

Wondering if Palmer on Apple TV+ is ok for kids? Palmer is rated R for language, nudity, and some violence, and is not kid friendly. However, some teens may want to watch since it stars Justin Timberlake. A story about second chances and two outsiders bonding, Palmer is an emotional ride. Here’s what parents need to know in this Palmer Parents Guide.

Palmer Parents Guide

Palmer Movie Parents Guide

After 12 years in prison, former small-town high school football star Eddie Palmer (Justin Timberlake) returns home to put his life back together and live with his grandmother who raised him. A woman and her son, Sam (Ryder Allen) live in a trailer on his grandmother’s property and Palmer forms an unlikely bond with Sam after discovering he is bullied at school.

Since he’s an ex-con, Palmer has trouble finding a job, but is finally given a chance as a janitor at an elementary school. Palmer also meets Sam’s teacher, Maggie, and develops feelings for her, but as his past and temper start to resurface, all the good he found could be in jeopardy. 

Why is Palmer rated R on AppleTV+? Mostly for the language and sexual content. If as a parent, you’re unsure whether your teen can watch the movie Palmer, read on for a full guide.


There is a lot of language in Palmer. I counted at least 25 uses of the f-word, 13 uses of sh–, a few uses of a– and dumba–, and 3 uses of g-dddamn. There were also uses of b–tch, dic-, fagg-t, queer, and Jesus Christ. 

Mature Content

In the first 6 minutes or so, there’s a graphic sex scene with nudity. You can see boobs, bare behinds, and there’s a lot of thrusting and moaning against a wall and in bed. There is also another sex scene, but the lighting is darker, so you don’t see as much, and it’s not as graphic. 

Characters drink alcohol and smoke. 

A character is an ex-convict for attempted murder, and many of the people in his town look down upon him. 

A boy gets bullied for wearing dresses, liking princesses, dancing, and tea parties. 

A mother is a drug addict and leaves her child for weeks at a time. 

There is a death that may be hard for children who have lost a loved one. 

There is some violence where a character punches another character repeatedly. 

Is Palmer ok for kids?

Is Palmer Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

While I don’t believe that all TV and movies should be made with kids in mind, I was a little disappointed that Palmer put some of the unnecessary sexual content and harsh language that did not add to the story. For those reasons I would recommend Palmer for ages 18 and older. However, if those things don’t bother you, then I would recommend it for teens. It’s definitely not as sexual as Bridgerton, but it is darker.

Palmer almost reminded me of Gifted, a good-looking single and damaged guy not wanting to involve himself with a precocious child, falls for teacher, and bonds with said child. So while Palmer is predictable, Timberlake and Allen make the movie. Their chemistry and emotion force you to root for them.

Timberlake can certainly act, but sometimes it seems like there’s one face he makes 75% of the film.

Is Palmer Kid Friendly?

Allen is adorable and his charm will make you smile. Can such a likable kid melt even a bigot’s icy heart? That’s the hope I have for Palmer, and why I wish it was a tad more kid-friendly, so more jerks who treat people poorly can change their ways. 

What works for Palmer are the heartwarming, albeit cheesy moments between Timberlake and Allen. I almost felt like Pavlov’s dogs saying, “awww” when I was supposed to. And bless Ryder Allen for helping kick gender norms to the curb. 

The acting is good, but the script is boring. At a running time of almost 2 hours I was waiting for something unexpected in Palmer to happen. But alas I was disappointed. Yeah, yeah, I know, cry me a river.

Palmer on AppleTV+

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