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The Funniest 2023 Memes

We’re almost a month into 2023 and we’ve already seen some hilarious memes. Thanks expensive egg memes. Here are some more funny memes in 2023 to make you laugh! January is a long month, friends.

Hilarious 2023 Memes to Make You Laugh

There have already been some controversies this year like egg prices, gas stoves, Nepo babies, and more. This year needs to settle down already, but it has provided funny 2023 memes from pop culture and current trends. 

It’s fine, everything’s fine.

Hilarious 2023 Memes

Some of us are still trying to get over 2020, amirite?

2023 Memes

Credit: Dunder Mifflin Memes Facebook Group

Ahhh, the good old days.

Funny 2023 Memes

Looking to the future.

2023 meme funny

2023 is wild man. When eggs are the new diamonds. 

2023 Egg meme

And who knew gas stoves would be so controversial?



Gas stove Meme 2023

Did you know Nepo babies were a thing?

Nepo Baby Meme

Oh George Santos. Iykyk.


Geroge Santos Lying Meme

I’m sure 2023 will continue to give us more gems, so I’ll update as the years goes on!