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The Funniest Nepo Baby Memes

What is a Nepo Baby? It’s short for nepotism baby, basically celebrities who have family members or relatives who are already famous and have helped them get a leg up in the industry. These funny nepo baby memes will have you wishing maybe you had a little bit of famous relatives in your bloodline. 

The Best Nepo Baby Memes

Nepotism and privilege are not new. However, when the Vulture article came out about how a Nepo Baby is born, it got everyone talking again. Some celebs acknowledge it, some are trying to lean in the joke, and some just don’t give a crap, because they’re famous y’all. Most recently Hailey Beiber was out wearing a nepo baby t-shirt.

Enjoy these nepo baby memes to give you a laugh!


I mean Phoebe did get a leg up.

Nepo Baby Meme

The journalism went deeeeep.

The shade though.

Who are your favorite Nepo babies?


Even pets count.