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The Funniest Expensive Egg Memes in 2023

Have you been to the store lately? Eggs are expensive! Like really expensive. While the actual cost of eggs may make me want to cry, these funny memes about egg prices will make you laugh. 

Hilarious Egg Memes About Prices in 2023

First, egg prices in 2023 started to creep up to $4 a dozen, then $5 a dozen, then I’ve seen signs for over $10 for a dozen eggs! These are not the fancy organic ones either. To keep us laughing instead of crying, enjoy these hilarious memes about egg prices in 2023. Also, no more omelettes for my kids.

Listen, is this recipe any good? Because that’s asking for gold flecks in that cake. 

funny memes about egg prices

Funny Egg Memes

People are going to find out. 

expensive eggs memes

Egg Prices Memes 2023

These eggs are making us turn into Elon.

Egg Shortage Meme

Egg Memes 2023

Look at all that cash.

Egg memes

Funny Egg Memes

Who has that kind of money??

Hilarious egg prices memes

It might be worth it. 

2023 Egg Memes

2023 Egg Memes

Easter is ruined!

Memes about egg prices

Show her you really care and head to Kroger. Diamonds schmiamonds.

Egg Memes 2023

Hilarious Egg Meme

You need to make choices.

funny egg price memes

So maybe they deserve to be a little cocky. 

hilarious egg memes

Credit: @myjesusjam

Tinder is lit this week. 

Funny Egg Memes

Even Batman can’t believe it.

egg prices shocked

So much pressure. 

best egg memes 2023

We can do this guys. 

funny egg memes 2023

This one’s for the Disney fans. We know what we have!

Egg Meme Trade Value

Egg Memes

Those were wild times.

egg memes

May the odds be ever in your favor to find eggs at a reasonable price.

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