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What is the Age Rating for Colleen Hoover Books? Parents Guide

Colleen Hoover is a popular author and is increasing in popularity with teens. When my teen daughters started asking to read them and requesting them as birthday and Christmas gifts, it was time for me to look into them. Colleen Hoover books do include some mature content including sex and language. Here are the age ratings for Colleen Hoover books according to her.

Age Rating for Colleen Hoover Books



What Ages Can Read Books by Colleen Hoover?

According to Colleen Hoover, some of her books are not for teens…at all. Most books by Colleen Hoover include sexual content, sex, and can be inappropriate for kids under 17. They also contain language like f*ck, bi*ch, sh*t, and words of Deity like Jesus Christ. 

It Starts with Us Colleen Hoover


Here are the age ratings for various Colleen Hoover books: 

Young Adult Colleen Hoover Books for Ages 14+

  • NeverNever
  • Without Merit
  • Regretting You
  • Heart Bones
  • Slammed
  • Point of Retreat
  • This Girl

Mature Colleen Hoover Books for Ages 17+

  • It Ends with Us
  • It Starts With Us
  • Ugly Love
  • Maybe Someday
  • Maybe Not
  • Maybe Now
  • Confess
  • November 9
  • Hopeless
  • Losing Hope
  • Finding Cinderella
  • Layla
  • All Your Perfects
  • Finding Perfect
  • Reminders of Him

Very Mature/Dark Colleen Hoover Books for Adults Only

  • Verity
  • Too Late
  • One More Step
  • Two More Days

Slammed Colleen Hoover Age Rating

Are Colleen Hoover Books Appropriate for Kids Under 14?

In Colleen Hoover Books you can expect to read some bad language, sexual situations, romance, explicit descriptions of sex, situations of abuse, domestic violence, and rape. Parents need to know that Colleen Hoover books are not kid friendly for kids under 14 years old, and in most instances even older. 

For example, in the popular It Ends With Us, the main character is physically abused and is also raped. There’s also vivid descriptions of sex, moaning, thrusting, etc. Some of that character’s decisions aren’t the best, and if tweens or teens are going to read the books, it would be good for parents to have discussions about different characters’ decisions. 

Colleen Hoover Books

I understand the appeal of Hoover’s books. Full of exciting characters, love, romance, and stories about life, they are an easy read. However if you have questions about whether Colleen Hoover books are appropriate for your kids, then we recommend reading them first.