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Funniest My Plans 2020 Memes

I’ve been laughing at the funny My Plans 2020 Memes on Twitter. Yes, this is how I’m spending my time during quarantine. While they are so true, and it stinks, I’m thankful for the laughs. Because I had big plans for 2020, and well, here’s how it’s going.

Schitt's Creek My Plans 2020 Meme

Funny My Plans 2020 Memes

Everyone has a different way of showing these My plans versus 2020 memes. Is there a correct way? Who knows? But if it’s funny, I’ll take it. 

My Plans 2020 Memes

I hollered at this one! 

Me vs My Plans 2020 Meme

Insert my hysterical sobbing noises here.

I’m feeling Loki on this.

Schitt’s Creek nails it every time.

Even the movies are getting in on the fun.

I can’t, lol!! This is for my Disney Galaxy’s Edge people. I even wrote a post about being an Engineer on Smugglers Run. And no, I still have never been pilot. Not bitter or anything 2020.

But is this one even fair? 

For those of you who had big plans in 2020, I’m sorry. Here’s to 2021!

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