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Is The Christmas Chronicles 2 Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if The Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix is ok for kids? The sequel is back and is still relatively family friendly, but may have some scary moments for little ones. The Christmas Chronicles 2 is rated PG for mild language and action. Here’s what parents need to know in The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two Parents Guide.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Parents Guide

Is The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two Kid Friendly?

Kate, a true believer who is now a teenager, is upset about her mom’s new boyfriend. She runs away and is taken to The North Pole where an angry elf tries to destroy Christmas and Santa Claus. Can Kate and Santa save Christmas?

The original Christmas Chronicles is a better movie, but fans will probably enjoy the sequel which is a more non-traditional story. You’ll still have magic and Christmas spirit, but also throw in some drunk elves, a very disgruntled elf, and a scary Yule cat that growls a lot and likes to show its teeth.

Here’s what parents need to know. 


There is no profanity in The Christmas Chronicles 2, but there are some rude words like stupid, suck, brat, scaredy cat, and uses of g-d. One character does say shiz for sh–.

Mature Content

Kate and Jack deal with the loss of their parents and then having another parent date someone else. 

Characters run away from their parents. Parents decide to leave their kids overnight in Mexico at a resort by themselves.

There is some potty humor like burping and farts. 

A giant cat fights with a reindeer and injures him. 

One character talks about another “spiking the cannons” thus resulting in elves acting crazy. A character’s behind catches on fire.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Naughty Elf

Is The Christmas Chronicles Appropriate for Kids Under 8?

I would recommend The Christmas Chronicles 2 for kids ages 8 and over. Kids younger than 8 will enjoy it, but just be careful of scary scenes and those sensitive to elves being hurt and someone wanting to hurt Santa Claus and destroy Christmas.

Also at about 2 hours long, it could be a little overkill for young ones, but you can pause and take bathroom and snack breaks. Overall, The Christmas Chronicles 2 is kid friendly and brings the Christmas spirit. 

Is The Christmas Chronicles Part Two Kid Friendly?

Kurt Russell makes an excellent Santa Claus and is kind, forgiving, and jolly. Seeing he and Goldie Hawn together is a joy. Sometimes the film relies a little too heavily on CGI, but I’ll admit I felt giddy and like a kid taking a tour through Santa’s Village. And any Christmas film about believing and hope is welcome right now. 

You don’t have to watch The Christmas Chronicles to understand The Christmas Chronicles 2, but I recommend you do. It’s an excellent movie, and there’s plenty of time for holidays films this season. 

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