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The Best Christmas Chronicles 2 Quotes on Netflix

The Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix really brings the Christmas spirit and magic. Here are the best The Christmas Chronicles 2 quotes from characters Kate, Santa Claus, Teddy, Jack, Belsnickel and more. 

Best Santa Claus quotes The Christmas Chronicles 2

Best Christmas Chronicles 2 Quotes on Netflix

Teenager Kate Pierce is reunited with Santa Claus in the sequel to The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix when a naughty elf threatens to cancel Christmas forever. Kurt Russell reprises his role as Santa Claus in this Christmas classic.

Check out my Christmas Chronicles 2 Parents Guide to see what ages are recommended for the film. 

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You were the first humans I ever trusted and the last. -Belsnickel

An honest-to-God true believer. Well I’m about to change all that. -Belsnickel

Lamest Christmas ever. -Kate

He makes mom happy. -Teddy
Well, he’s not dad. -Kate

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Quotes

Now, there’s something you can’t unsee. -Jack

We had some good times…until you ruined everything. -Belsnickel

Cheer up, Grinch. For a true believer, you’re forgetting the number one rule,”Better not pout.” -Teddy

I just wish we could be more independent in closer proximity. -Jack

You’re only 3 years older than me, but I believe in a chain of command. -Jack

Time stands still here in the North Pole. -Santa Claus

You’re arming me with cookies? -Jack

There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Jack Booker. -Jack

Holy Jingle Bells. -Santa Claus

You don’t need to be an elf to realize that running away doesn’t solve all your problems. -Kate

Christmas Chronicles 2 Elves Quotes

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