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Virgin River Season 2 Parents Guide on Netflix

Wondering if Virgin River Season 2 is ok for kids? It’s back on Netflix! And of course there is drama and cliffhangers as Netflix likes to do. But is Virgin River Season 2 kid friendly? Rated TV-14 for language and references to drugs, here’s what parents need to know about Season 2 in this Virgin River Parents Guide. 

Virgin River Parent Guide

Virgin River Season 2 Parents Guide Netflix

Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) returns to Virgin River and Doc’s clinic, realizing she must learn to come to terms with herself and her past before she can truly make this her home. Along the way there is plenty of drama in Virgin River including Jack having a baby with another woman. 

Here’s what parents need to know. 


There is some language in Virgin River, but it’s not super heavy. Words like damn, a–, bit-h, and hell and also references to g-d and Jesus. 

Mature Content

Characters deal with death of a loved one. 

There are a few romantic storylines with kissing and implied sexual relations. Characters remove each other’s clothing and fall into bed. A man is shirtless.

Many characters drink alcohol. 

A character has dreams about war memories. 

A characters tries to steal drugs and attacks another character with a knife. There are references to drugs and selling them.

A character is a victim of domestic abuse and is shown with bruises and cuts. 

A teenager is prescribed birth control and asks another underage character for alcohol.

Is Virgin River Season 2 kid friendly?

Is Virgin River Season 2 Appropriate for Kids Under 14?

Virgin River Season 2 is rated TV-14 and is an appropriate rating. It’s very much like a soap opera but not quite as dramatic. The scenery is beautiful, and I love the nature shots. 

I’d recommend Virgin River Season 2 for kids ages 14 and up if they like this genre. There are some things to watch for mentioned above. Virgin River is a more rugged Sweet Magnolias, but they have similar characteristics. But how many times can you scream for Jack and Mel to get together? 

And yes, there’s a cliffhanger. Netflix always likes to leave their series with a cliffhanger to keep you coming back. They just better give the fans another season. 

If you love Virgin River, check out these Virgin River Season 2 quotes.

Virgin River Season 2 Parents Guide

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