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Is the Gossip Girl Reboot Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if the 2021 Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max is ok for kids? The Gossip Girl reboot is rated TV-MA for language, sexual content, and drug use. It’s not kid friendly, and although the actors portray high school students, they look and are older in real life. Perhaps lacking some of the charm of the original, here’s what parents need to know in this Gossip Girl Reboot Parents Guide.

Gossip Girl Reboot Parents Guide

Gossip Girl Reboot Parents Guide on HBO Max

It’s been almost 10 years since the original Gossip Girl series ended, and there are new characters to fill the void. But Kristen Bell does return as Gossip Girl’s voice, even though the character is different. Gossip Girl is a new generation of New York private school rich teens full of melodrama. However now the tables are flipped.

The teachers are tired of being ridiculed and run by the students, so they are the ones who revamp Gossip Girl’s old account to gain some power back. The head of the popular crowd is Julien (Jordan Alexander), a glamorous 16-year-old influencer who has tons of social media followers. 

We meet Julien and her friends on the first day of school, which is also the first day of school for Zoya (Whitney Peak), a freshman attending on an arts scholarship. Julien and Zoya are half-sisters. They share a mom, and their dads hate each other. Gossip Girl tried to pit the two sisters together, and it works. Let the drama begin.

Why is Gossip Girl rated TV-MA? There’s a lot of mature content. Parents need to know there are teenagers drinking, using drugs, and having sex.


There is strong language in the Gossip Girl reboot like many uses of sh*t, a**, fu*k, and uses of Deity. 

In the 2nd episode there’s more uses of fu** in a sexual manner.

Mature Content

In the first episode there is underage drinking, teens partying, and bullying each other. There are scenes of teens having sex and another scene involving oral sex. They are pretty graphic, but so far no explicit nudity. 

A teacher takes pictures of two teens in their underwear from outside. It wasn’t for sexual purposes but still creepy and inappropriate. 

A teenage boy has drugs in his mouth and kisses another boy and girl to pass it along. 

Two teenage boy are shown undressing in the same room and changing clothes while a girl watches and is turned on.

In the 2nd episode, there is male nudity. A male student tries to seduce his male teacher. They urinate next to each other. Two male students kiss to make the teacher jealous.

The 2nd episode contains more sexual content.

Gossip Girl Reboot Kid Friendly

Is the Gossip Girl Reboot Appropriate for Kids Under 16?

I remember back in the day when the original Gossip Girl was considered trashy TV on The CW. The Gossip Girl reboot is no different but is even trashier. Could it be an adult’s guilty pleasure? Sure, but then it’s even weirder when you’re watching actors who are almost 30 years old pretending to be a 16-year-old having sex. Although the same thing bothered me about Outer Banks, more of that storyline was based on the adventure.

The Gossip Girl reboot was supposed to be a comedy, but it’s not funny. At least not from what I’ve seen. It could get better. What the show has going for it is diversity compared to its predecessor, but there’s no storyline that hooks you and makes you invested in the characters.

If you’re here for the drama and cattiness, then you won’t be disappointed; there’s plenty of that. I was just bored. I’d even take the iCarly reboot for its peppiness. Behavior modification for likes or followers was more of a novelty years ago. Do kids still care about that? 

Gossip Girl is way too sexual for kids, and it’s rated TV-MA for many reasons. 

Gossip Girl tries to use sexuality to spice up the script, but that’s a problem. They should have just written a better script. 

Gossip Girl Reboot rated TV-MA

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