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Chicken and Waffle Kabobs For Kids

Looking for fun and easy appetizers and meals for kids? These Chicken and Waffle Kabobs are delicious and something kids can make on their own. Not only do they work for mealtime, but they also make a great Big Game snack!

This post is sponsored by Perdue Farms. They deliver to your home now!! I know, I’m excited, too.

This post has affiliate links. 

Perdue Chicken and Waffle Kabob for Kids

Chicken and Waffle Kabobs for Kids

My daughters and I were in the car and a commercial for a restaurant came on the radio advertising chicken and waffles. One of my daughters said, “That sounds so gross.” I was shocked. Had I never served these children chicken and waffles before? I explained the glorious combination of salty and sweet, but I looked at the faces of nonbelievers. It was time to change that.

Thus Chicken and Waffle Kabobs were born. I wanted to make it fun, so they’d try it, but it still had to be good and simple. Even though I don’t really like to cook, my kids do. So I also needed something they could make without burning down my house. 

Perdue Farms sent us a box of one of their new box bundles for their direct to consumer service. Yes, you can order straight off of Perdue Farm’s website, and it’ll be delivered to your home!  It was filled with protein heaven, and my kids were ecstatic. Confession: maybe I don’t cook a lot of home-cooked meals. That’s why I’m digging this home delivery service.

In the box were Panko-Breaded Dino Nuggets. Fabulous! Chicken done. And did you know you can make little mini waffles in your regular waffle irons?

How to make mini waffles

They’re adorable. Just drop a spoonful of batter into the middle of each section in your waffle iron.

How to make Mini Waffles in a Regular Waffle Iron

Perdue Farms Direct to Consumer Delivery Service 

What does direct to consumer mean? Basically Perdue Farms is delivering to your home! Woohoo!

If I can stay in my pajamas a little longer each day and not go to the store, I am winning at life. 

We received a Family Bundle – Medium Box. The great thing is, for 100 years, the company has worked with small family farmers to raise animals with care. Perdue Farms is passionate about farming, land preservation and healthy and nutritious food. And I could tell when receiving the box. 

Every box is made out of 100 percent recyclable cardboard and insulated with Green Cell Foam®. Green Cell Foam® is eco-friendly packaging and is biodegradable, compostable, and made from high-grade non-GMO cornstarch that is dissolvable in water.

And yes, of course we tried it. When I told my kids the foam would dissolve, it was a like a magic trick. I had to entertain them over winter break with something!

And that’s not all! You’ll also receive a reusable and recyclable grocery bag with every purchase. 

The Family Bundle Medium Box is currently priced at $64.99, which is a savings from ordering each of the items separately. You can order any items a la carte, but you do save money with the bundles.  

What’s in the Perdue Farms Family Bundle Box?

The Family Bundle- Medium (affiliate link) includes the following items from the PERDUE®, PERDUE® Harvestland® and Niman Ranch brands:

  • Niman Ranch Applewood Uncured Bacon
  • PERDUE ® Panko Breaded Dino Nuggets
  • PERDUE ® Harvestland ® Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Tenderloins, Individually Wrapped
  • Niman Ranch Uncured Bacon Wrapped With Rosemary Pork Chop
  • Niman Ranch Uncured Pork Breakfast Sausage

Perdue Farms Family Bundle Box

Everything we’ve tried so far has been outstanding! I was even surprised when my daughter commented how good the Dino Nuggets were. I didn’t know they could tell a difference between chicken nuggets, but they’re her new favorites.

How to Make Chicken and Waffle Kabobs

To make your kabobs, you’ll want sticks. I usually use shorter ones for the kids that I find in the party section at Target or Walmart. These sticks are actually lollipop sticks to make cake pops, but they have a variety. Choose whichever ones you like!

1. Heat up you waffle iron.

2. Mix batter for waffles.

3. Cook your PERDUE ® Panko Breaded Dino Nuggets in the microwave while your waffles are cooking.

4. Next assemble your kabobs!

Chicken and Waffle Kabobs

You can pour syrup right over top or put the syrup in bowls for dunking.

Game Day snacks for kids

These are a hit at our house for after-school snacks and quick dinners before sports practice. They would also make a fantastic Game Day appetizer for kids. Set up a Chicken and Waffles kabob bar along with fruit! Or try these pancake and waffle kabobs. My kids love anything on a stick.

So take a gander and see what you like. There are so many options to help busy families like mine get in their quality proteins. Order now and use code FARMER10 for 10% off your first order!

Also get FREE Shipping for U.S. orders over $119! You can split orders with neighbors, so you can reach that total!


Easy Chicken and Waffle Kabobs for Kids



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