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Why You Should Visit Canaan Valley Resort

I grew up in Northern VA and had never heard of Canaan Valley, West Virginia. Why not? Because I wasn’t paying attention. I’m not making that mistake again. If you’re looking for a vacation for the whole family that is relaxing and rejuvenating, then let me introduce you to Canaan Valley Resort – fun for the whole family no matter the season!

Thank you, Canaan Valley Resort, for hosting my family. All opinions on how this mama actually got sleep and wasn’t a bear are my own.

Canaan Valley Resort View

Canaan Valley Resort

When I mentioned to friends that I’d be visiting Canaan Valley, WV, I had to laugh, because that’s when everyone told me how great it was! Um, why didn’t you tell me before? One friend said she had a cabin nearby where they would go skiing. Another friend told me they visited every summer. And then while on our vacation, we saw a family from my daughter’s old softball team.

We visited Labor Day Weekend, after the summer rush and right as leaves were starting to change. The drive from Northern VA was about 2 1/2 hours and the scenery was lovely. We drove through valleys and small towns, and for a minute, I wondered where we were going.

As a Northern VA native and a frequent Disney World visitor, I was used to crowds and hurrying everywhere. Sometimes I need to slow down and enjoy the moment. As we drove through Davis, WV, I knew that this wasn’t going to be the Target and Walmart capitals of the world.

Canaan Valley Resort Rooms

When we arrived, it felt like home. We had a 2-bedroom suite, which was wonderful for my family of 7. Often we can’t find locations that fit big families, and this space was perfect. My kids immediately made themselves at home, calling beds and sleeping areas.

Canaan Valley Resort Bedroom

Each bedroom at Canaan Valley Resort had a balcony with a view of the beautiful mountains. We also had a connecting living space with a couch, table, fireplace, and sink. The ability to spread out is priceless.

Canaan Valley Resort suite for big families

Canaan Valley Resort Activities

I traveled with my husband and 5 girls, ranging in ages 14 to 6. There was something for everyone to do!

Canaan Valley Resort has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, as well as other activities nearby at their recreation center. In the summer you can play mini golf, climb a rock wall, jump on a Eurobungy, go for a scenic chairlift ride, shoot clays, go for a bike ride, and more! Each activity has an additional cost, but I didn’t find the prices too expensive.

Try the mini gold at Canaan Valley Resort.

Canaan Valley Resort Mini Golf

We played mini golf a couple of times during the trip. My family is a little competitive with each other, so scores had to be beat. Watch out for the little ones, they’ll school you. Mini Golf is $4 a person, and I didn’t feel rushed at all.

Canaan Valley Golf

Canaan Valley Eurobungy and Climbing Wall

All my girls loved the Eurobungy and the Rock Wall!! It was fun to see their sense of adventure come out. Each activity is $6 a person or you can get a combo pass for $10.

Rock Wall at Canaan Valley Resort

Canaan Valley Eurobungy

Canaan Valley Resort Scenic Chairlift Ride

In the summer, you can take a scenic chairlift ride with a view of the valley and Allegheny Mountains. It’s gorgeous, and I wanted to see if my little ones could handle a chairlift ride come ski season. I’m the one who is a little afraid of heights.

Canaan Valley Ski Lift

Turtle Slide

What can be more fun than riding a tube down a slide? The girls had a ball and can’t wait to come back in the winter for some snow tubing!

Canaan Valley Resort Turtle Slide

Canaan Valley Resort Amenities

Not only did we enjoy the activities Canaan Valley Resort had to offer, but we also enjoyed the food, fire, and game room! Seasons Cafe was our go-to place for quick bites. One night we were tired from all our fun, we decided to order pizza from Seasons Cafe and bring it back to our room. It was really delicious pizza!

Seasons Cafe at Canaan Valley Resort

We also stopped by for ice cream often. We didn’t get a chance to enjoy the Hickory Dining Room, but hope to on our next trip.

One thing to note is that things close early in Canaan Valley. Seasons Cafe closed at 9 p.m. as well as the grocery store in town and other restaurants. Sometimes we can be night owls, so when hunger struck at 11 p.m., we turned to the vending machines.

Canaan Valley Resort also has a small game room with some arcade games and a pool table. Remember our competitive side?Yup, came out again.

Canaan Valley Resort Arcade

It started to rain one afternoon, so we went to the lobby and the girls played UNO and put together puzzles. It was a chill afternoon and a way to spend time with each other without electronics.

Canaan Valley, WV

Play games by the fire at Canaan Valley Resort

Exploring Canaan Valley, WV

We decided to go exploring one day and headed to Blackwater Falls State Park for some hiking. It was gorgeous, and there were easy hikes and lookout points for little ones. If you wanted to venture deeper, you could.

Blackwater Falls State Park, WV

We also headed into Davis, WV, also known as town. We found the best ice cream shop called The Ice Cream Shop. There’s a small Main Street with some restaurants and shops. My friend had mentioned how good Hellbender Burritos was, but we caught them on a weekend where they went to a wedding, so unfortunately it was closed.

That’s the good and the bad about small towns – charming enough to close when they want, but frustrating when they’re closed while you’re hungry.

The Ice Cream Shop - Davis, WV

Canaan Valley Resort Winter Activities

We got some early snowfall in Virginia, and Canaan Valley Resort’s snow guns have been fired up to get ready for the season!

If you want a head start on winter fun, then their Tube Park will be open Thanksgiving Day 4:30-6:30 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. On Friday, November 23rd & Saturday, November 24th, they’ll be open from 2-4 p.m., 4:30-6:30 p.m., and 7-9 p.m. On Sunday November 25th, the Tube Park will be open from 8-10 a.m., and 10:30-12:30 p.m.

Opening day for skiing is December 15th!

For those of you who are summer visitors, why not try winter? And vice versa. In our family, we have decided to give more experiences as holiday gifts. We have so much stuff cluttering our house, that I’d rather make memories with my children, connecting with them.

There’s nothing like the feeling of watching your children step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Fun isn’t just found with Mickey Mouse in Disney World, I want them to experience the beauty they can find close to home, too.

Is Canaan Valley Resort Worth the Drive?

100% yes!! You know how sometimes you go on vacation and you come home needing a vacation? That’s not Canaan Valley Resort. Our family needed this time away. We needed to slow down and forget about sports and practices and stress and work and school.

Canaan Valley made us forget about cell phones and Netflix and opened our eyes to nature and family time. I can’t wait to come back during ski season which is coming quickly! If you’re looking for that next weekend getaway or needed time away, come visit Canaan Valley Resort in West Virginia. You won’t be sorry.

Visit Cannan Valley Resort’s website to book your stay or for more information on their ski and winter options!

Check out our short video of all the family fun we had in Canaan Valley, WV!