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Is Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Borat 2: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is ok for kids? It’s definitely not. Borat 2 is rated R and full of crude, sexual content, and is really no surprise if you’re familiar with Sacha Baron Cohen and Borat films. Here’s what parents need to know in this Borat 2 Parents Guide.

Borat 2 Parents Guide

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Parents Guide

In Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Kazakh funnyman Borat risks his life when he returns to America with his 15-year-old daughter, after being released from prison for bringing shame to his country. As in the first movie, there are bold, in-your-face moments as well as inappropriate humor from the prankster. Either he’s your cup of tea or he’s not. 

However, whether you agree with his methods (crass in every sense of the word) or not, Sacha Baron Cohen does bring to light the mistreatment of women as well as some of the political circus we deal with in America. Many people will not like this film, and many people will. Here’s what parents need to know. 

Is Borat 2 ok for kids?


Borat 2 is rated R, so expect plenty of 4-letter words including sh–, fu– and sexual words like cu-t and titties.

Mature Content

The whole film is full of uncomfortable situations and vulgar. There’s no other way to describe it in regards to whether Borat 2 is appropriate for anyone under 18. There is nudity, jokes about rape, images of male and female genitalia, references to porn, a female describes how to masturbate, and many sexual jokes.

Borat’s daughter lives in a cage at first, eats a toy baby, and a reference to how McDonald Trump puts Mexicans in a cage. Borat’s daughter also has a movie about Queen Melania who wanted to marry a rich old man and now lives in a golden cage.

A character says she discovered a book that always tells the truth – Facebook – and that is where she learned the Holocaust never happened.

Sarcasm is used to imply women can’t drive, be journalists, or own businesses, etc.

Borat’s daughter decides to give herself to Giuliani to save her father, and the politician is caught in a compromising position.

A character gets her “moon blood” and does a fertility dance, lifts up her skirt and her legs and underwear are bloody with pubic hair sticking out.

There are many more instances, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect in the film.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm kid friendly?

Is Borat 2 Appropriate for Kids Under 18?

I can’t say that Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is appropriate for any age. While I don’t agree with his humor or his methods, I appreciate Sacha Baron Cohen’s efforts in trying to educate and showcase injustice.

He’s offensive, crude, wildly inappropriate, but he’s trying to make a difference in a misguided way.  If Borat is your type of humor, then it’s your type of humor. If it’s not, I’d skip this one with the teens and watch The Trial of the Chicago 7 (which also stars Baron Cohen) instead.

Borat 2 Subsequent MovieFilm Parent Guide

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