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Is Run (2020) Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Run is ok for kids? Run (2020) on Hulu stars Sarah Paulson. It still surprises me that sweet face can be so callous. Is Run kid friendly? Rated PG-13 for violence, this movie can be dark and terrifying for some. The whole psycho mom thing can really get into your psyche. Here’s what parents need to know in this Run Parents Guide.

Run Movie Parents Guide

Run Parents Guide

Sarah Paulson does do insane well, especially in Ratched. Run, from director Aneesh Chaganty and co-writer, Sev Ohanian, starts off slow and builds up to chaos. The opening scene is Diane (Paulson) just having given birth to a premature baby, Chloe, with a list of illnesses.

Then we see Chloe (Kiera Allen) as a teenager confined to a wheelchair from many of these illnesses. However, she soon discovers that things aren’t adding up and questions whether her whole life has been a lie. And is the person she should be the most threatened by, her own mother? They say you can’t escape a mother’s love, even if that mother loves you too hard.

Here’s what parents should know.


There are uses of g-ddammit, hell, and mother fu–er, but she doesn’t complete the actual word.

Mature Content

A character drugs another character. Someone threatens to kill another. A character knocks out another and kills him. 

Listen, Diane is insane and desperate and does horrible things. It’s a thriller and there are scary scenes where someone is lurking in the shadows or pop up.

Some characters drink alcohol. 

Run 2020 Parent Movie Review

Is Run Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Yes, you know exactly where Run is going, but the performances by Paulson and Allen are what keep you around. Allen has some physically demanding scenes, and this newcomer handles them beautifully. Paulson is amazing and with one look can make the hair on your arms stand up. 

I would say PG-13 is an accurate rating for Run (2020). If your kids like thriller and suspense, they should be ok with this one. 

Or if your kids think you’re crazy, then maybe Diane will show them they’re lucky to have you. 

Is Run on Hulu Kid Friendly?

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