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DIY Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Ornament

I just love Gilmore Girls, and Lorelai and Sookie have always been friendship goals. When they opened the Dragonfly Inn, I was so excited for their new adventure! If you’re looking for a fun gift for your Gilmore Girls-loving friends, then make these adorable Gilmore Girls Dragonfly ornaments to remind them of your friendship. Plus you can do it while watching the Gilmore Girls Marathon on UPtv!

This post is sponsored by UPtv and all opinions are my own.

Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Ornament

DIY Gilmore Girls Ornament

I’ve always loved the Dragonfly Inn and what it stands for. Friendship, so many memories, Lorelai becoming a bad-A businesswoman, and restoring something that many would have overlooked. So a dragonfly felt like the perfect representation for one of my all-time favorite shows!

I liked a purple dragonfly like the sign at the inn, but you can make yours whatever color you want! See below for instructions on how to make your very own DIY Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn Ornament. 

Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn

What You’ll Need:

Beads in graduated sizes

Beading Wire

Iridescent Cellophane 

Parchment Paper

Hot Glue


Clothes Iron

Wire Cutters

Glue Gun

Gilmore Girls Ornament Instructions

Add your smallest bead to the end of a length of beading wire and bend the wire up and over the bead, twisting it around the wire coming out of the top of the bead. 

How to Make Dragonfly Inn Ornament

Add your medium-sized beads to the wire until your dragonfly’s body is the length you want it to be. 

Add your largest bead to the top of the dragonfly’s body and take the remaining wire and bend it down, twisting it around the wire under the bead. 

Twist beading wire into the shape of dragonfly wings. 

Place the wire wings between two pieces of iridescent cellophane. 

DIY Dragonfly Wings

Cover the cellophane, top and bottom, with a piece of parchment paper and press with a clothes iron on medium heat. 

Carefully cut off the excess cellophane around the outer edge of the wings with scissors. 

Use hot glue to attach the wings to the back of your beaded dragonfly body. 

Use more hot glue to attach a piece of ribbon for hanging. 

Dragonfly Inn Ornament

(Optional) You can also glue two small beads to the top of your dragonfly to create eyes.

Then hang it on your Christmas tree or make many to give away as gifts!

Gilmore Girls Ornament Dragonfly Inn

Gilmore the Merrier Marathon

Why don’t you make some Dragonfly Ornaments while you watch the Gilmore Girls marathon on UPtv during Thanksgiving Week? This is the 5th year UPtv is hosting the binge-a-thon. Gilmore the Merrier starts Sunday, November 22 at 11pm EST and ends Monday, November 30 at 3am EST.

But guess what? They’ve leveled up, because now on Sunday, November 29th at 11am EST you can watch the never-before-seen on tv Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life movies. 

So join your “Stars Hollow Hosts” – Keiko Agena (Lane), Yanic Truesdale (Michel), Sally Struthers (Babette) and Liz Torres (Miss Patty).  Plus come on over on Twitter and hang out for fun pop-up trivia and hourly prizes!

Gilmore The Merrier Marathon on UPtv

And if you don’t have cable, you can watch on Philo TV which features UPtv! Sign up for a free week trial to see how you like it. I hope to see you there for the fun!

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