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Is BLACK ADAM Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if Black Adam is ok for kids? The newest film in the DCEU comes out swinging with plenty of action. However, the story does have some issues. The fighting doesn’t stop throughout the film, so is Black Adam kid friendly? Here’s what parents need to know in this Black Adam Parents Guide.

Black Adam Age Rating

Black Adam Parents Guide

Black Adam’s origin story begins with an introduction to Teth-Adam, the city of Kahndaq’s hero and champion. Having been oppressed for many years under the rule of a king, the people just want to be free.

Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the powers of the ancient gods, and then imprisoned just as quickly, Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his anger and rage on the world. 

Kahndaq is once again living under oppression by violent mercenaries and Adrianna (Sarah Shahi), her brother Karim (Mohammed Amer), and their friend Ishmael (Marwan Kenzari) seek to find the crown of Sabbac, an ancient artifact full of dark, demon power. It is Adrianna who is forced to awaken Black Adam as she and her friends are about to be killed in their quest.

However, once The Justice Society hears about Black Adam’s awakening, they have other plans and want to restore peace and balance to the world by imprisoning Black Adam so he can never kill again.

Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) along with Dr. Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) are just the team to do it. But Black Adam is not going down quietly. 

Black Adam ok for kids

Black Adam Age Rating: Is It Ok For Kids?

Black Adam is rated PG-13 for sequences of strong violence, intense action, and some language which means some content may not be suitable for kids under age 13.

Is Black Adam Kid Friendly?

You can expect to see some intense violent scenes, explosions, fighting with weapons, people getting murdered, burnt, and beheaded, and profanity used by some of the characters. To sum it up, Black Adam is not kid-friendly for younger kids, but teens should be ok.

Black Adam’s violence is comparable to Shazam, but it’s non-stop.


There wasn’t as much language as I was expecting in Black Adam, but there were some uses of sh*t, hell, a**, one use of bastard, and words of Deity. There are no uses of g-ddamn.

Action in Black Adam

The violence is what parents should be most concerned about in Black Adam. Throughout the film, characters are dying, being punched, thrown off cliffs, blown up, stabbed, etc. It’s a lot, and it may be too much for young ones to handle. The Rock does alleviate some of the gore with his demeanor and sarcasm. 

A man is stabbed and pushed off a cliff.

A child is about to be beheaded.

Characters are electrocuted, burnt, charred, stabbed, shot, ripped apart, killed, thrown off cliffs, and dropped from the sky. A city is destroyed and in flames.

There are explosions and characters are in peril. Some characters scream out of pain and loss.

Mature Content

Some characters flirt with each other. 

Themes of betrayal and loss are prevalent. 

Is Black Adam Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Is Black Adam too scary for kids? With zombies, beheadings, and a lot of death, your young kids may may want to skip this one. The run time of a little over 2 hours also doesn’t help.

While Black Adam does have a lot of violence, it never got super bloody and gory. Black Adam is an antihero, so his powers aren’t always used for good. He’s complicated which is a common theme of the film and a good topic of discussion for parents and kids.

Not everything is black and white, and there are a lot of gray areas. I’d recommend Black Adam for kids ages 13 and older. This film does have a dark tone to it, not like The Batman, but more like Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Speaking of Marvel, I know this isn’t a Marvel film, but it did have some similarities to different characters in the MCU. This isn’t an argument of who came first or even who did it better, but it’s noticeable if you’ve watched a lot of Marvel movies. If not, then you probably won’t notice. 

Johnson’s casting for Black Adam was a great choice for an antihero, because you can’t help but like him even when he makes questionable choices. He’s pretty stoic, but still finds the heart underneath. 

The villain was a weak spot in the film. It wasn’t that the acting was bad, but Sabbac’s story arc felt rushed and inconsequential. He basically existed to give Black Adam and The Justice Society a common foe to fight against. Perhaps it will set something up for the future, but I don’t know much about his character, nor did I feel like I knew much more about him after the film. 

Also, even the reason The Justice Society got involved seemed a little suspect. When Adrianna questioned why now, where had they been when Kahndaq could have used some heroes a long time ago, I had to agree. I was confused at their involvement, but I genuinely liked each character in the group. The overuse of slo-mo in the fight sequences was also annoying, but that’s personal preference. 

There are definite high moments in Black Adam – it packs a lot of punches, it adds some humor and levity to disperse some of the darkness, and it’s a fun superhero movie. Formulaic but also entertaining, Black Adam has its faults, but there’s enough to work with to excuse some of them. I’m a sucker for an antihero with a heart. 

Black Adam kid friendly

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