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The Best Season 2 HSMTMTS Quotes on Disney+

Buckle up, Wildcats, Season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is here! And it is full of drama! Check out the best Season 2 High School Musical The Musical The Series Quotes from Nini, Ricky, Miss Jenn, Carlos, Big Red, and more!

Season 2 HSMTMTS Quotes

Best Season 2 HSMTMS Quotes

Season 2 of HSMTMTS brings back the main cast from Season 1, plus some fun new additions like Derek Hough, who plays Zack, Ms. Jenn’s ex-boyfriend in high school. Well Zack is in charge of the rival high school’s musical and they’re going for all the awards. Not to be outdone, Ms. Jenn is stepping it up for the Wildcats.

However, Nini isn’t here for the musical, and drama ensues as lead parts get shifted. What hasn’t changed are the funny High School Musical The Musical The Series Quotes from Season 1 and the cattiness. You gotta love the Wildcats! 

With each new episode, I’ll update this post every week. Did I miss any of your favorite HSMTMTS quotes from Season 2? Drop them in the comments below.

You can also check out our pre-Covid visit to East High when they were filming Season 1!

Harry Styles could never. -Nini

You’re my home. -Ricky


You would think you could find High School Musical 2 costumes at Old Navy. But no, it’s a period piece.

We were once the Ricky and Nini of North High. -Ms. Jenn

I was waitlisted at the University of Utah. -Ms. Jenn

I would kill a starfish to be a starfish. 

I heard High School Musical was adorable. -Zack

You look like Shaun Mendes and sing like Shaun Mendes. -Big Red

I’m Mexican and gay. This is my inside voice. -Carlos

You know facial blindness? I have that and emotions. -Big Red

Buckle up, Wildcats. This party’s just getting started.

It’s called DisneyBounding. And yes, I dabble. -Ashlyn

Is this Mamma Mia 2? Because here we go again. -Carlos

Carlos Quotes High School Musical The Musical The Series

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