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The Best Quotes from Virgin River Season 2

Have you seen Virgin River Season 2 on Netflix? This season is full of drama and scandal.  Here are some of the best Virgin River Season 2 quotes from Mel, Jack, Hope, Charmaine, Doc, and more!

Best Virgin River Quotes Mel and Jack

Best Quotes from Virgin River Season 2 Netflix

The Virgin River series on Netflix is based on the Virgin River books by Robyn Carr. Season 1 left off with Mel leaving and Season 2 brings her back to face her past and to move on. 

There’s definitely some drama with Charmaine being pregnant, Brady doing shady business, Hope being Hope, and Jack having to face his past, too. Check out this Virgin River Season 2 Parents Guide for age recommendations. 

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Virgin River Season 2? Drop them in the comments below!

Virgin River Season 2 Quotes

I’m gonna need a little more than “Hi, Jack.” -Jack

Isn’t this turning out to be a banner day? -Charmaine

Well you may not be who she wants, but I’m pretty damn sure you are gonna be who she needs. -Doc

That better not be that soy Frankenstein pie you build out of paste. -Hope

Those two have more sparks than a 4th of July parade. -Hope

I keep odd hours and vacuum in the nude. -Hope

Virgin River Season 2 Hope

I believe there is nothing more righteous than defending those who can’t defend themselves. -Preacher

Brady for a little man, you sure got a big mouth. -Preacher

Why didn’t I just let your call go to voicemail? -Mel

You know you lie about as well as you play canasta. 

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Thursday 3rd of December 2020

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