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The Best In the Heights Movie Quotes

Have you seen In the Heights? This movie musical is one of the best movies of the summer! Everything from the cast, music, dancing, and production is incredible. In the Heights was full of emotional and quotes. Check out the best In the Heights quotes from Usnavi, Nina, Abuela Claudia, Benny, Vanessa, and more!

In the Heights Quotes Usnavi

The Best Movie Quotes from In the Heights

Usnavi is a bodega owner in Washington Heights, a neighborhood full of life in New York, but things are changing. Usnavi wants to move back to the Dominican Republic, and it seems like everyone else wants to leave, too. If Usnavi follows his dreams, what will happen to the block? 

I laughed, I cried, and I danced during In the Heights! It really is full of joy. Some of the best quotes are in the lyrics of the songs. The In the Heights movie is different than In the Heights musical. If you’re wondering what ages are appropriate to watch, then check out this In the Heights Parents Guide

Did I miss any of your favorite In the Heights quotes? Drop them in the comments below. 

What does sueñito mean? -Children
Sueñito, it means little dream. -Usnavi
That’s it? No story. -Little boy

Say it so it doesn’t disappear. -Usnavi
Washington Heights! -Children

The streets were made of music. -Usnavi

You’re stuck to this corner like a street light. -Benny

Check 123, check 123, this is Benny on the dispatch. -Benny

I’m up Schitt’s Creek. -Usnavi

We had to assert our dignity in small ways. -Abuela Claudia

Little details that tell the world we are not invisible. -Abuela Claudia

You don’t tell me how much we can afford. You’re not the parent. -Kevin Rosario

That’s the roof? On the floor? -Abuela Claudia

Caramba. Buy me a bikini. -Abuela Claudia

I got searched. -Nina

Alabanza. -Abuela Claudia

Take all the bruises, but stay in the ring. -Kevin Rosario

This is like Gilligan’s ghetto island. -Carla

I did the crab in the corner. -Sonny

The reality of an elite school. No joke, Pop. -Nina

Nina Quotes In the Heights

Well nope on her. -Vanessa

Does your cousin dance? -Vanessa

Like a drunk Cheetah Rivera -Sonny

You’re the best we’ve got Nina. If you can’t stay in the ring what does that say about us? -Kevin Rosario

There’s no shame in having a different path. -Kevin Rosario

Let me just listen to my block. -Nina

Merry Christmas, y’all, I’m home. -Usnavi

You can’t keep putting your life’s work on my shoulders. -Nina

Since when are Latin people scared of heat? -Daniela

We are not powerless, we are powerful. -Daniela

Best Quotes In the Heights movie

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