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Is In The Heights Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

Wondering if In The Heights is ok for kids? In The Heights is rated PG-13 for language and some sexual content, but this musical brings so much joy and community spirit, I’d recommend it for some kids, tweens, and teens. From Director Jon M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians) and Producer Lin-Manuel Miranda, here’s what parents need to know in this In The Heights Parents Guide. 

In the Heights rating


Is In The Heights Movie Kid Friendly?

If your kids loved Hamilton, I think they’re going to love In The Heights! In The Heights is about a tight-knit, mostly Latino community, in New York City. Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) owns the local bodega market with his teenage nephew, Sonny (Gregory Diaz IV). Usnavi has sueñitos or dreams of returning to his native Dominican Republic to open a business like his father did.

However, he gets cold feet as the time comes to leave, especially when he thinks about leaving all his friends and neighbors. The power goes out during a heatwave in Washington Heights, and in a matter of days, things change for this group of friends and family.

Why is In The Heights rated PG-13? There are some suggestive comments and language, but In The Heights is more kid-friendly than Hamilton, in my opinion. 

Parents need to know that there is some language and mature content, but overall is appropriate for most older kids.


There is some language including about 8 uses of sh**, 6 uses of damn, 4 uses of g-ddamn, 3 uses of a**, and a few uses of hell. 

Mature Content

There are some suggestive sexual innuendos where characters mention sex and some of the lyrics in songs talk about sex. They also talk about condoms and being horny. One character says another would not go out with a skank. There is a shadow of some pelvic thrusting. There is no nudity and you never see anyone having sex. You do see some kissing, but nothing over the top. 

Some characters are shirtless at a pool and others in bikinis, but nothing sexual in nature.

Some characters drink alcohol. 

There is a death which may be upsetting to sensitive viewers.

Is In the Heights kid friendly?

Is In The Heights Appropriate for Kids Under 10?

When Usnavi asks a group of children in the movie to repeat “Washington Heights,” he says, “Say it so it doesn’t disappear.” In The Heights is a story of love, a love of life and community. And maybe, because I’m Latina, it hits differently. But this film makes me so proud of my heritage, and hopefully the audience gains what I gained while watching- immense joy and inspiration. 

I’d recommend In The Heights for kids 10 and older, especially if they love musicals or theater. However, if they don’t, then the subject material may not hold the interest of younger viewers. Is In The Heights kid friendly? For some kids, but just watch out for the innuendos.

It’s the music for me. The music and production value of each of the up-tempo numbers is insanely mesmerizing. I was out of my seat dancing and singing along. But the ballads are just as good, tugging at the heartstrings and packing an emotional punch.

The whole cast shines with Ramos and Abuela Claudia (Olga Merediz) as standouts. Merediz was also Abuela Claudia in the Broadway musical and is the glue to the already solid ensemble. With all the subplots and characters of the salon, cousins, a blackout, immigrants, dreams, a lottery winner, etc., you’d think you’d get confused by chaos, but you don’t. 

In The Heights Parents Guide

Each scene is beautifully shot, the angles giving you a different point of view. This stage to film musical really works, and I wish more were as well-done. 

I was engaged, wanting to know what happens to each character. And yes, at times I got a little impatient, and thought just tell me what happens already, but then another musical number appeared, and I chilled out.

Each character plays a vital role in the community, and I fell in love with Washington Heights. Say it again so it doesn’t disappear. This story needs to stay. This story is for the girls with brown skin who felt like they didn’t quite fit in.

In The Heights is pure joy from start to finish. In Washington Heights not only do you belong, you’re family. 

In the Heights Parent Movie Review

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