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20 Best Raya and the Last Dragon Quotes

Have you seen Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney+? All the tears. All the action. Amongst all the incredible animation and butt-kickery are some awesome Raya and the Last Dragon quotes. Here are 20 of the best quotes from Raya and the Last Dragon from characters Raya, Chief Benja, Sisu, Namaari, and more!

Best Raya and the Last Dragon Quotes

Best Quotes from Raya and the Last Dragon

With a cast like Awkwafina, Kelly Marie Tran, Gemma Chan, Daniel Dae Kim, and Benedict Wong, you know you’re going to get some good stuff. In Raya and the Last Dragon, Raya lives in the land of Heart, which used to be a part of Kumandra, a unified land where humans and dragons once lived in harmony. However, now the world is broken and the Druun threaten to wipe out the human race. Raya must find the last dragon to hopefully bring back the magic to save her father and the world. 

Chief Benja (Raya’s father) always provides words of wisdom, while the Sisu quotes, voiced by Awkwafina, bring the laughs. Did I miss any of your favorite Raya and the Last Dragon quotes? Drop them in the comments below.

Also check out this Raya and the Last Dragon Parents Guide to see if there is too much action for little ones. I personally love all the girl power!

I know what you’re thinking. A lone rider. A dystopian world. A land that’s gone to waste. How did this world get so broken? Well, that all began 500 years ago. Kumandra – this is what we used to be. -Raya

You are now a guardian of the Dragon gem. -Chief Benja

A nation protected by angry assassins and their even angrier cats. -Raya

We’re going to share a meal with them. -Chief Benja

Chief Benja Quotes Raya and the Last Dragon

They assume it does just like we assume things about them. -Chief Benja

Listen, if we don’t stop and learn to trust one another again it’s only a matter of time before we tear each other apart. This isn’t the world I want you to live in. -Chief Benja

Someone has to take the first step. -Chief Benja

I have something to say. Who’s hungry? -Raya

Fang may look nice on the outside, but we have some pretty big holes on the inside. -Namaari

From one dragon nerd to another. -Namaari

I was so focused on saving the world, I forgot to have breakfast today. -Sisu

Is that supposed to make me feel better? If you lost a puppy and I said, “Well we still have a big chunk of it,” would that make you feel better? -Sisu

Wait til you see my backstroke. I’m wicked when I hit that liquid. I got water skills that kill. I slaughter when I hit the water. I’m like really good at swimming through rhyme. -Sisu

Careful, it’s a toot and boom. -Raya

What can I say? Bling is my thing. -Raya

Funny Raya and the Last Dragon quotes

What are Druun anyways? -Boun
A plague, born from human discord. They’ve always been here, waiting for a moment of weakness to attack. -Sisu

Really? A con baby!  -Raya

Being people is hard. -Sisu

Sisu Quotes Raya and the Last Dragon

Yeah, well, the world’s broken. You can’t trust anyone. -Raya
Or maybe it’s broken, because you don’t trust anyone.  -Sisu

Oh I love mango. -Sisu
Of course you love mango. Only a tongueless creton wouldn’t. -Tong

Note to self. Don’t die. -Raya

I too wish to join this fellowship of Druun butt-kickery. -Tong

Then let me take the first step. -Raya 

Awkwafina in Raya and the Last Dragon

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