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Best iCarly Reboot Quotes on Paramount+

Have you seen the new iCarly reboot? Old favorites are back and you’ll also love the new members of the cast. “Welcome to the new iCarly. This is still iCarly, but it’s grown up now.” Check out the best quotes from the iCarly reboot from Carly, Spencer, Freddie, Harper, and more!

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Best iCarly Quotes from the Reboot

The first 3 episodes are out of the iCarly revival on Paramount+. Carly and friends are back, but now they’re older and semi-adulting. Even though Carly has had success after college, she misses iCarly and want to bring the show back, but will people really watch her without Sam?

I’ll update the best iCarly quotes as new episodes drop. Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from the iCarly reboot? Drop them in the comments below.

Since the new iCarly is more adult, this iCarly Parents Guide will tell parents what they need to know.

Freddie, this is why we’ve stayed friends all these years. Creepy genius. -Carly

I love you guys so much, so get. -Carly

I think people will see it’s a mutual thing. -Spencer

I feel like my face is physically incapable of smiling. -Carly

Your legs look like Eugene Levy’s eyebrows. -Harper

You haven’t posted for a month. In internet years, that’s decades. -Millicent

I’m not unamused. -Millicent
I’m full-on amused. -Freddie

Now people are going to think my channel is for olds. -Millicent

Welcome to the new iCarly. This is still iCarly, but it’s grown up now. -Carly

Best Carly Quotes from iCarly reboot

I’m not doing this for likes. I’m doing this to connect with people. -Carly

At least you’re pretty. -Millicent

You don’t have a beat, Bambi. You’re hot now. -Harper

Strike while the meatball is rancid. -Freddie

What kind of fauxpology is that? -Spencer

Fine, I’ll wear it to bed and only that. -Spencer

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