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Cute and Simple Homecoming Proposal Ideas

Homecoming proposals or HOCO proposals are becoming more popular these days. What is a HOCO proposal? It’s a cute or creative way that high schoolers ask each other to the Homecoming dance. There are also Promposals for prom and even for other dances and activities. Here are some fun and creative ideas for Homecoming Proposals!

Homecoming Proposal Ideas

Homecoming Proposals

The goal of a homecoming proposal is to make the invitation memorable and fun for both the person doing the asking and the person being asked. It’s a way to add excitement and anticipation to the homecoming experience and create memories. Some students go more traditional and some are super extra. 

  1. Traditional Ask: This involves a direct and straightforward approach, where one person simply asks another if they’d like to go to the homecoming dance together. Some students will do it over text, but it’s probably best if you ask in person.
  2. Signs and Posters: Some students create signs or posters with a clever or sweet message and present them to the person they want to invite in a public place or during a school event. Some go to their house so it’s more private, especially if their future date doesn’t love a lot of attention.
  3. Balloons and Flowers: Balloons or flowers can be used to deliver the invitation, either with a written note or a verbal request.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: Organizing a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to the invitation is a fun and creative way to ask someone to homecoming.
  5. Food and Treats: Baking cookies, cupcakes, or some other treat with “Homecoming?” written on them is another popular way to ask someone to Homecoming.
  6. Theme-Related Proposals: Sometimes, the proposal aligns with a theme. For example, if the homecoming theme is “Under the Stars,” someone might use star-related decorations or props in their proposal. Or if your date loves sports, Taylor Swift, etc, you can cater the theme to their favorite things.
  7. Public Displays: In some cases, students go all out by making a public display of their invitation, such as asking over the school’s PA system, in front of a large assembly, or even on a sports field during a game. Warning: some people do not want all this attention. Make sure you find out first whether this is something your date would like. 

Fun HOCO Proposal Ideas

Here are some fun HOCO Proposal Ideas to use with posters. Spice it up with food, gifts, flowers, or a favorite something.

  • I popped over to ask you a question. (Balloons) 
  • Come on Barbie, let’s go party at Homecoming? (Barbie) 
  • Am I KENough for you? Hoco? (Barbie Movie)
  • It would be “My Pleasure” to take you to HOCO. (Chick-fil-A)
  • It would ruin my Reputation if you didn’t go to Homecoming with Me. (Taylor Swift)
  • You Belong With Me at HOCO (Taylor Swift)
  • Are you UP for Hoco? (Disney)
  • It would be Marvelous if you went to Homecoming with me. (Marvel)
  • I know we’re just friends. But can this be the one where we go to HOCO? (Friends TV show)
  • Would you like to spend a lovely night at Hoco? (La La Land)
  • Will you cheer me up and tumble your way to Hoco with me? (cheerleader)
  • I couldn’t bear to go to Homecoming without you. (Teddy Bear)
  • I’m no Morgan Wallen but can I Spin You Around at HOCO? (Morgan Wallen)
  • It’s my goal to go to Homecoming with you. (soccer)
  • I can’t Reese-ist asking you to Hoco. (Reese’s PB cups)

HOCO Proposal Ideas

Good luck with your HOCO proposals! If you’re looking for a dress, these are the best places to buy Homecoming dresses for the big night. And if you still haven’t painted your Senior parking spot, here are some fun ideas when it’s time!