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The Best Senior Parking Spot Ideas and How to Paint One

Some high school senior traditions include painting a senior parking spot. At the local high school, only seniors are allowed to paint their parking spots. Caution: it took a lot longer than I thought. You can learn from some of our mistakes. Here are some fun Senior Parking Spot ideas and how to paint one!

Senior Parking Spot Ideas and How to Paint One

The more elaborate your design, the more expensive it will be to paint your Senior Parking Spot. First, you want to decide on your design. We found one my daughter liked online with a simple Google search. My daughter liked the design and colors and wanted to add a little Harry Styles love to her Senior Parking Spot, so we headed to Lowes to buy the paint and supplies.

Paint Supplies for Painting Parking Spot

Paint the Parking Spot a Solid Color 

We bought a gallon of white exterior paint, because that’s the color we decided to paint the parking spot to start with a clean base and to add the other lines. If there’s any way you can paint the spot the night before, do it, because it takes a while to dry. It took at least a couple hours for ours to dry, and we live in Florida with plenty of heat. We used a long roller to paint it.

Tape the Lines

Next, you’ll want to section off what you want to paint and tape the lines. We used painting tape, because of our design, but many people just free-handed their Senior parking spot design. My husband made the circle by squatting down, extending his arm, and then drawing a circle with chalk while turning around. He and my daughter then went over it with tape and tried to fix the imperfections.

How to Paint a Senior Parking Spot

Start Painting ASAP

Another Senior Parking Spot tip: If your whole school has a specific day to paint your senior parking spots, don’t wait until the night before to go to Lowes or the paint store. That’s what happened to us, and they ran out of exterior paint in quart sizes, so we just used interior paint. Two weeks later, everything still looked great, but it may wear faster over time. 

ETA: At the end of the year the colors had faded some, but it still worked and lasted her whole Senior Year. 

Paint for Senior Parking Spot

To paint the parking spot, we just poured some paint straight out of the can onto the ground and painted. I wish we had bought more of the tiny rollers. They were easier and faster to use than the spongey brushes.

Best Way to Paint Senior Parking Spaces

We started at the top with our design, because you don’t want to paint yourself into a corner. Then we did the circle, and then finished the bottom. Because it was so hot, the paint dried pretty quickly. 

After everything was dry, we peeled up the tape, and it came off pretty easily!

How to Paint Letters for Senior Parking Spots

We first bought letter stencils(affiliate link), but then the person next to us said it wasn’t worth it. The stencil was sticking to the paint, and it was tedious and not worth the effort. So then we decide to free hand it, and most people seemed to do the same.

However, some really crafty people had luck with theirs. 

First, we used chalk to outline the letters, then painted over the chalk.

Senior Parking Spot Tips

And done!

All in all, it took about 7 hours from start to finish. It was a hot day, so bring plenty of water! 

Some people brought canopy shades, but honestly, they were kind of a pain, especially when you have to paint next to someone. So we just sweat it out.

Have fun!

Harry Styles Senior Parking Spot

What Kind of Paint Should You Use for Senior Parking Spots?

For painting parking spots, the best type of paint is exterior paint. However, the interior paint also worked fine and lasted all year. I wouldn’t recommend using chalk paint because it fades and washes off easily. 

In total it cost us about $80 for the painting supplies, but we also bought a lot of different colors. 

Best Senior Parking Spot Ideas

It was amazing to see how creative people are! It started to rain as were finishing up, so I didn’t get to snap too many pictures of other senior parking spot ideas, but these Senior Parking Spot ideas were really cute. 

Here are some fun Senior Parking Spot ideas we saw:

  • favorite hobbies
  • future or favorite colleges
  • favorite sports teams
  • favorite TV shows
  • favorite movies
  • favorite characters
  • funny quotes
  • inspirational quotes
  • video games
  • funny Senior parking spot ideas to claim their parking spaces

Just have fun with it!

Best Senior Parking Spot Ideas

Peppa Pig Senior Parking Spot Idea

Cool Senior Parking Spot Ideas

The Best Senior Parking Spot Ideas

Senior Parking Spot Idea 2022

Funny Senior Parking Spot Ideas


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Monday 23rd of January 2023

This is great! Thank you so much. This is really going to help with our Club's backlot project. Question: what type of paint did you use -latex, oil-based, etc.?


Monday 23rd of January 2023

You're welcome! We used a gallon of all-weather exterior paint for the white. But they ran out so we had to use interior paint for the colors. It was fine and still lasted through the year.

Milan Lockett

Monday 10th of October 2022

How did you know how much paint to buy? Do I have to do a first coat of white or can I just go ahead and paint my spot whatever color I'd like? What is the cheapest paint type that you would suggest or where to get the paint the cheapest? Where did you all get your paint supplies? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Monday 10th of October 2022

I just had to guess how much paint. You can paint your spot any color you like, but most people do a solid color, because they have to paint over last year's spot. You can choose any color you like! We got out paint supplies at Lowes, but Home Depot would work, too.


Sunday 21st of August 2022

Hello- How do they remove the paint for the next year’s student??


Sunday 21st of August 2022

They paint over it and do a new base coat. So you can do a solid color to cover it first.

Laura Coffman

Thursday 7th of April 2022

this is beautiful!! i'm thinking about our Art Club sponsoring a similar activity next year and would love to pick your brain about a few things like how much white paint did it take to do the first layer, how much paint overall did you use for your design, did the interior paint hold up over the year?


Thursday 18th of August 2022

@tanialamb, Thank you for this detail on how-to AND the amounts of paint! We're doing this *exact* design this weekend. SO helpful!


Friday 8th of April 2022

We bought a gallon of the white paint and had PLENTY of leftovers. For the colors, I think we bought a quart in each color and we had some leftovers of that as well. The interior paint has held up, the colors have faded some in the Florida sun, but overall it worked for our needs! It was a lot of fun and is a good fundraiser!