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Best Places to Buy Homecoming Dresses for Teens 2023

Looking for online and brick and mortar stores to shop for Homecoming Dresses for high schooler? With 5 girls, we have been through Homecoming and Prom dress shopping numerous times. Plus, we polled their friends. Here are the best places to buy Homecoming Dresses for teens in 2023.

Where to Buy Homecoming Dresses for Teens Online

Now that you’ve received that Homecoming proposal or painted that Senior Parking Spot, it’s time for Homecoming. If you’re ordering Homecoming dresses online, then I suggest ordering them with as much time in advance as possible. Sometimes shipping is slow and then if you need to exchange a size, you’ll need time for that before Homecoming.

Another Homecoming Dress for high Schoolers tip: Make sure you are aware of the return policy. Some online shops have a short return window like 7 days. So make sure you know the policy or you’ll end up with a bunch of dresses you don’t need.

Also be aware of your school’s dress code. Some high schools will let you where whatever you want to Homecoming and other are more strict, especially on length.

Homecoming dresses are traditionally shorter in length and prom dresses are longer. However, you do you and wear whatever makes you feel good. 

Some Homecoming dress styles that are always on trend are bodycon dresses, sequins, skater style dresses, and classic colors like black, red, silver, and gold. 

However, color will always make you stand out and some 2023 Homecoming dress trends are puffy sleeve dresses, belted dresses, and colors like hot pink and mint. 

Also a disclaimer, there are some styles that perhaps are better designed for 25-year-olds, but there are a variety on these sites. Again, you do you.

Homecoming Dress Ideas High Schoolers

Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky sells a lot of dresses and is a favorite of the teen crowd. They have a Homecoming Dress section on their website and it seems like most dresses are prices around $60 – $100. 

However, Lucy in the Sky’s return policy isn’t the best. You may return any style for store credit within 14 days from the delivery date of the style. Your return will be processed as soon as possible, generally within 20 business days of us receiving it – you will receive the store credit code in your email. That’s not a fast turn around. So if you need a different size, good luck. 

Lucy in the Sky Homecoming Dresses

Hello Molly

Hello Molly is also another favorite that we’ve seen at Homecoming. However, their shipping is slow. So if you need a last-minute dress, this is probably not your best option.

Also, I don’t love their return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase they only accept returns for store credit only, and they do not accept exchanges. So if you’re unsure about sizes, then maybe look elsewhere. However, I have seen some beautiful dresses come from Hello Molly. 

Hello Molly Homecoming Dress


Lulus is one of my go-to places to buy Homecoming and Prom dresses, because they always seem to have a good variety even though they sell other clothing, and the price point isn’t astronomical. They’ve always been good, too, about me ordering 20 dresses and returning what didn’t work as long as the tags are still on the dresses. 

Lulus has always been customer friendly, and so that’s why I keep returning to them to buy my daughter’s Homecoming dresses. 

Keep in mind if you order a dress from Lulus, return packages postmarked within the first 10 days of the delivery date qualify for free return shipping. So make sure to get them back within that time window. If not, it’s a 30-day return policy. 

Lulus Homecoming dresses


Try Windsor if you want a variety of dresses and even some jumpsuits! They have some lower price point dresses for around $30, but depending on the dress, you can go as high as $100-ish dollars. 

You can also find Windsor at some malls, so then you can try them on and also get a better idea of what style looks best on you. 

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is great for last-minute dress rentals. My daughter has used it for prom, and I have used it for red carpet events. Some of the dresses too mature for high schoolers, but there are some great designers included, and it’s nice to not have another dress just gathering dust in the closet. I like to look at reviews and pictures to estimate the size, because designers fit differently. You also get a back-up size rental included. It’s simple to return the dress once you are done, too. The rental period is usually about 5 days.

Use code: FRIEND305272422899 if you’d like $30 off your first rental. 


Do not count out Amazon to buy your Homecoming dresses. If it has prime shipping you get your dress in 2 days, returns are easy, they’re usually pretty inexpensive, and you can try them on without hassle. Here are a couple of dresses my friends’ daughters wore that I thought looked great on them!

This is the link (affiliate) for the dress below and it comes in different colors.

Homecoming Dresses for Teens

This dress is a little more casual but my friend with a Freshman daughter wore it and looked adorable! The dress (affiliate link) does runs a little big. 

Homecoming Dresses 2022

Best Stores to Buy High School Homecoming Dresses

Some of these companies do have Homecoming dresses in their brick and mortar stores, but usually the variety is greater online. However, if you’re in a pinch, then they have options depending on your area.

I like shopping in person to get an idea of sizes in different brands. Here are some great high school Homecoming dress ideas and trends.


Don’t give up on the department stores quite yet. My daughter found a prom dress at Macys and her friends have found Homecoming dresses here that are lovely. Some designers can get pricey though. 


Dillards is another department store where friends have had luck in the Homecoming dress department.

Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill has a higher price point for dresses. You can look online for styles that you like and then click the store locator to see which retailer near you offers the dress.


Francescas is one of our favorite stores to shop for clothing and shoes. However, they have added a Homecoming Dress section to their site, and you can also find cute dresses in store, but it’s a boutique style store, so they’re small. You never know what luck you’ll have in-store though!

Francescas Homecoming Dresses

Altar’d State

Altar’d State isn’t usually our go-to Homecoming dress store, but you never know what luck you’ll have and what particular styles a store will carry each year.

Homecoming Dress shopping can be stressful. Trust me, I know. Or it can be super fun! Good luck! And if you have any other suggestions where to find Homecoming dresses, please drop them in the comments below!

Homecoming dresses for teens