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The BEST Feel the Beat Quotes on Netflix

Have you seen Feel the Beat on Netflix? Sofia Carson is a queen! These are the best Feel the Beat quotes from your favorite characters like April, Deco, and Miss Barb.


The Best Feel the Beat Quotes

Sofia Carson from Descendants fame plays April, an outcast on Broadway, who returns to her small hometown and trains a young group of dancers to compete against some of the best in the country. And it ain’t pretty. 

Amidst of all of these shenanigans are some hysterical characters who have some pretty funny quotes in Feel the Beat on Netflix. And sometimes April gets deep on us, too. Hey, we all make mistakes, right? Extra love to the sassy girls with their fierceness.

I hate the internet. -April

You know what would make you feel better? Cheese. -Frank

Have you been sick? I’ll make you a casserole. That’s what I’m gonna do. -Barb

I have an aversion to humiliation. -Oona

I thought you got banished to umm, Idaho. -Deco
Wisconsin. -April

Your maternal instincts are beyond aspirational. -Deco

Funny Feel the Beat Quotes

She forgets that other people aren’t as perfect as she is, so we gotta be real patient with her. -Barb

You do what you have to do. What you think is right. -Nick

That took guts. Now just don’t puke them up on me. -April

Don’t worry I have allergy pills for the ride home. It’ll bring them right down.  I mean they’re for adults, but I just break them in half. -Miss Barb

Did somebody call for an over-the-top work of art? I’m here! -Deco

Whatever you decide just make sure that it makes you feel good about who you are. -Frank

Well if it isn’t the shrill little shoe thief. -Deco

When I first met you, all I saw were flaws. And then I realized that’s exactly what makes you spectacular. All those beautiful quirks and imprefections. -April

Step aside. Fierceness is coming through. -Oona

You better kick butt or I’ll kick yours. -April

Dance Quotes from Feel the Beat on Netflix

Dance Dad Smack Talk Quotes from Feel the Beat

Perhaps my favorite quotes from Feel the Beat involved smack talk between all the dance dads at the competition. 

Your girls wouldn’t know know a triple time step if our girls were dancing it on their sad little faces.

Well your daughter’s grand battements don’t even reach 90 degrees.

Your daughter has no turn out.

Your daughter has got no stage presence.

Don’t mess with the stage dads. 

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from Feel the Beat? Drop them in the comments below!

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